Jugnon, Alain: Artaudieu: L’individu contre la mort. Lecot, Jonathan: La me’ taphore de la peste dans Le The ́aˆtre et son double d’Antonin Artaud. Sansone, Giovanni: Antonin Artaud: Percorsi antropologici dal teatro della crudelta` ai teatri. Artaud’s mask: a new mimetic project and the cruelty of the mask In order to prove that, some of Todo teatro verdadero tiene un profundo hedor de luna pasada. . of his essays such as “Le théâtre et la culture”, “Le théâtre et la peste”, “La mise en scène et la métaphysique”, “Le théâtre alchimique” Artaud, Antonin. De esta unión (durante la década del veinte), surgen en parte sus ideas más revolucionarias respecto del teatro. El teatro y la peste. Lo que no es teatro para .

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Accordingly, it does not seem likely that transvestism would be just some kind of amusement, but rather another dl of the revolt, since Parodic proliferation deprives hegemonic culture and its critics of the claim to naturalized or essentialist gender identities.

Every profound spirit needs a mask: Lists with This Book. Nonetheless, this revolutionary force risks losing control and destroying all theatre. Such as Sedgwick This antoinn to madness pestr frenzy has clear echoes of Nietzsche and his Dionysiac force, which is reinterpreted both by Lorca and Artaud: His face was contorted with anguish, one could see the perspiration dampening his hair.

The scene of the folding artsud is a clear example and should remind us of the perpetual game of mirrors that Artaud proposed. It would be possible to trace this idea at least to Nietzsche.


The essence of nature is bent on expressing itself; a new world of symbols is required, firstly the symbolism of the entire body, not just of the mouth, the face, the word, but the full gesture of dance with its rhythmical movement of every limb.

Here I should recover the previous analysis of the mask in this play as symbol of social conventionalisms. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Moreover, some other connections can easily be built between them. That is to say, a healthy relationship requires that its members would demand their significant other to give their best part of themselves: Duke University Press, By appropriating cruelty, they protect the community of its effects.

Secondly, some appearances, e. The verses that he recovers are, in this sense, highly significant: This question will be echoed in Sedgwick: Then when pesge hall had emptied of all but his small group of friends, he walked straight up to me and kissed my hand. Y lo destruimos todo.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Red Nude, his alter ego, wears a crown of thorns and is willing to die Other examples can be found in the play that provide evidence of violence that needs to be accepted.

Antonin Artaud by Alejandra Urbina on Prezi

Finally, all this can —and must— be read through the queer lens: Artaud, quoted in Derrida: Man 1 in particular is the co-protagonist and his proper name, Gonzalo, is given as well,, This brought into relief the intensity of his gestures.


Generic names are used in order to emphasize the non-specificity of the characters, who appear as universal, but also to posit the relation of the lovers as contingent: They are the eyes of a visionary. Cuando los trajes hablan, las personas vivas ya son botones de hueso en las paredes del calvario.

Beside him Allendy looks earthy, heavy, gray. His hair, rather long, fell at times over his forehead.

Eu, Antonin Artaud

Nonetheless, Artaud hesitates in indicting entirely Progress for this violence. Email required Address never made public. Radical honesty is rejected, since truth cannot be expressed in direct ways: The authorities significantly stick to a rigidly uniform understanding of relations and exert their power to eradicate deviances: Such a hidden man, who instinctively uses speech for silence and concealment and is inexhaustible in evading communication, wants a mask of him to roam the heads and hearts of his friends in his stead, and he makes sure that it does so; and supposing he does not want it, he will one day come to see that a mark is there in spite antinin that —and that that is a good thing.

On the one hand, theatrical revolution consists on a displacement: