JEITA EIAJ Standards (as of August in ). General System, Category and Title , Spec. No. (Test No.) Life Test, JEITA EIAJ ED/ Life TestⅠ, Steady. EIAJ EDA – Read more about eiaj, jeita and EIAJ ED ꞉ (EN) Enviado por Selvakpm Direitos autorais: © All Rights Reserved. Baixe no formato PDF ou leia online no Scribd.

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Kohki Ohara Ricoh Co. Portable appliance testing wikipedialookup Electromagnetic compatibility wikipedialookup Semiconductor device wikipedialookup.

The specimen shall be dropped with suspended by ed-47022. The measurement condition shall be carried out for the items and under the conditions, those specified in the detail specifications. The measurement at high temperature is added when the electric resistance changes.

F Once re actual values? Or along with the popularization of lead free, solder shall be lead free solder such as Tin-Silver-Copper solder.

3-3 Standards Related to Reliability Test |Sanken Electric

The deflection to press is only X deflection. Re TCP, conditions to be specified separately.


Mechanical stress test methods for semiconductor surface mounting devices. Toru Katou Sanyo Electric Co. Bond sample SMD with adhesive to a printed siaj board. Classification 1 Test preparation Appendix 1: The standards related to integrated circuits IC and separate volume Appendix had been published, and the standards related to discrete devices SD separate volume Appendix and separate volume Appendix had been published.

Repeat the cycles specified in the detail specifications.

JEITA / JEITA Standards / Electronic Devices Standardization / Semiconductor Devices Reliability

Print solder paste to the mounting area on the printed circuit board by thickness of ? Atsushi Natsume Sony Corp. Portable appliance testing wikipedialookup. In the modified equation, the heat fatigue strain amplitude? Shizuo Kunita Sanken Electric Co. No Load 22 Moisture Eizj tests?

These values are not specified. The temperature cycling test conditions are: Mounting conditions, printed wiring boards, soldering materials, and so on affect significantly the kk Note 1. Figure 1 shows euaj example of method 1.

But both sides mounting are the customer eiah, so we decided on the mounting method of one side with all company’s agreements. The soldering strength in this case depends very much on the mount methods, the mount conditions, the used materials, the printed wiring boards, and so on. F Continuously 3 times for Breakage o.


In the case of the sampling method, actual device is mainly measured. From the equation 1it is known that the soldering life is proportional to n-th power of the heat fatigue strain amplitude. The treatment which the specimens are submitted to before carrying out the initial measurements and tests. Hiroyoshi Odaira Seiko Epson Corp. Board impact test bent by X mm for Y hours does not break the packages. SCOPE The test shall specify a procedure for evaluating the resistance of the surface mounts device SMD and soldered joints to the bent stress again and again caused by a key touch.

The temperature of the air surrounding the specimen. Select either heating condition from Table 2. The specimen shall be dropped with placed on a table.