The class says that the spells come from the Duskblade list, however, there are no 0th level spells and only 2 touch spells on that list. Has there. Spells: You cast arcane spells, which are drawn from the duskblade spell list on page You can cast any spell you know without preparing it ahead of time. This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Duskblade class. For the full SRD spell list, please see the class description.

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You only get 1 more duskblaxe known each level, so the spells you choose are of vital importance if you want to be a useful member of your party. Sorcerer — See Wizard. You may want it high for Arcane Disciple, a feat that can expand your spell list, but other than that it needs little to no advancement.

Paralyzes one subject, which exudes stench.

Duskblade Spells

This stacks with other things, so you can use larger weapons duskbldae access all sorts of neat tricks from this race. You can also do cool things like teleport an enemy off of a cliff or into a hazard, but they can save. Shocking Grasp doesn’t affect swarms, since they’re unaffected by spells that duskbladr a specific number of targets including single-target spells.

RAW, spells only apply to each target you hit once every round, so you want to be able to hit as many targets as possible if you have full-round channeling. If you are going to sacrifice INT, you may as well go for full orc to minmax just a little more. Whirlwind Attack SRD — Theoretically you can buff an entire army using a whip or something, or spsll lots of weak enemies.

Beginning at 5th level, you can cast one spell each day as a swift action, so sehet as the casting time of the spell is 1 standard action or less. Your base sheeet spell allotment is given on Table 1? Your damage will hurt slell much.


Sleight of Hand — Not a dextrous character. These bonuses and properties are decided when the arcane pool point is spent and cannot be changed until the next time the magus uses this ability. Greater Spell Combat Ex: You are commenting using your WordPress. PHB2 Duskblade spells known? He must meet the prerequisites for these feats as normal. True Strike — Useful primarily if you are concerned about missing with a high level channeled spell.

The offensive bonuses of invisibility are not as useful to a Duskblade as to, say, a Rogue. Even if you choose not to do that, the Duskblade is still a good fighter with a full BAB.

Dispel Magic sheer Another general utility, blah blah not specific to Duskblade, blah blah really important spell. To use this ability, the duskblade must have one hand free even if the spell being cast does not have somatic componentswhile wielding a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other hand.

Starting at 6th level, you can more easily overcome the spell resistance of any opponent you successfully injure with a melee attack. This is, of spfll, assuming you slogged your way to level 13 for full-round channeling. Notify me of new comments via email. Still, when it works it will do some good damage. Humans give both of these things.

Warlock — A bunch of random utility via invocations. Disguise — Not needed. Cloistered Cleric can sacrifice a domain to get this for free, as well, and they still get 2 domains, so the other domain can also net you a domain feat that could improve your mobility or allow you to pounce.

You can follow this up if you decide to go deeper in order to get manifesting powers with Cerebremancer. You most likely cannot gain reach from this, but check with your DM. This is the absolute last level that you should stay in the class if you have the option of multiclassing. See above for the selection of those, because dropping 3 feats is unacceptable when a 1-level dip of Warblade is so crazy good. The Cityscape Web Enhancement may let you swap this class skill with Tumble, which is better for you.


He gains an additional magus arcana for every three levels of duskblade attained after 3rd level. Lance — Like a Guisarme with the reach, but x2 damage on charge.

Duskblade (Magus archetype, full write-up)

Subject gains 1d4 negative levels. However, it is not extremely useful otherwise. A duskblade can only enhance one weapon in this way at one time.

If you like to charge, this is a pretty good pick up instead of the Guisarme. Out of these, Strength is probably the most useful unless you are finesse-based, but using weapon finesse is not optimal. The class does have two good saves though. The duskblade can also apply any one magus arcana he knows that duplicates the effect of a metamagic feat — such as empowered magic or still magic — to the reserve spell by expending an additional point from his arcane pool.

Mixed bonuses to various saves and defenses versus certain enemies. Otherwise I would recommend checking out the Duskblade’s Handbook.

If the duskblade does not cast the absorbed spell either as a normal spell or as a reserve spell before the next time he regains his normal complement of spells per day, the spell is lost. Best duskblade spell list?

If this is the case, see Spinning Sword. Suffers from all the usual problems with blaster spells: Both are viable builds, but I tend to favor the versatility wheet the early-exit Duskblade, as there is a lot of sacrifice in getting to full-round channeling. One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds.