Core Java with SCJP/ OCJP Notes By Durga Sir Language Fundamentals nd DURGASOFT, # ,2 Floor,HUDA M aitrivanam,Ameerpet, Hyderabad – . SCJP Notes by Durga Sir Durgasoft PDF – Ameerpet Materials. Posted by SmlCodes. SCJP Notes by Durga Sir Durgasoft PDF -Ameerpet Materials. Download. DurgaSoft SCJP Notes Part-I Download – is a famous faculty in Hyderabad. He teaches the core java for the beginners and also will.

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Static variables should be declared with in the class directly but outside of any method or block or constructor. Single dimensional array declaration: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

For that reason, the woodcutter was determined to dohis best. It represents the size of the array. The method name should be prefixed with remove.

We can specify that integral literal either in decimal or octal or hexadecimal form but allowed values range is 0 to Every array in java is an object hence we can create by using new operator. Array declaration, construction, initialization in a single line.

Durga is one of the trainer for OCJP Certification course for the students who are interested to write the exam. In the case of interface type arrays as array elements we can provide its implemented class objects. Java is not considered as pure object oriented programming language because several oops features like multiple inheritance, operator overloading are not supported by java moreover we are depending on primitive data types which are non objects.


No other faculty or trainee in the Hyderabad can’t beat Durga sir in explaining the core concepts and giving in the exam questions. It may be class name, method name, variable name and label name.

DurgaSoft SCJP Notes Part-I Download

For the var-arg methods we can provide the corresponding type array as argument. If you have any query or questions regarding anyarticle feel free to leave a comment or you can get in touch with me On anilreddy gmail.

For the boolean properties the getter method can be prefixed with either get or is. No case, in all the cases we will get runtime exception.


If we are using any other modifier we will get compile time error. Why I started JavaEra. None of the above valid Which of the following are valid java keywords? For the integral data types untill 1.

Un Initialized arrays Example: It should be public. To hold the no.

We have to declare such type of variables at class level by using static modifier. Every variable has a type, every expression has a type and all types are strictly maaterial more over every assignment should be checked by the compiler by the type compatibility hence java language is considered as strongly typed programming language.

Identifiers o Rules to define java identifiers: Return type should not be void. In the case of Object type arrays as array elements we can provide either declared type objects or its child class objects. Ithought that like me, there may be millions of my brothers and sisters across the nation facing same kindof problem.


We can perform declaration, construction and initialization of an array in a single line. Local variables will be stored inside stack. Struts Flow and Architecture.

Which of the following declarations are valid? This keyword introduced in 1. We can’t use reserved words as identifiers.

Part-1 (DurgaSoft SCJP notes) www.JavaEra.com

Log In Sign Up. Use final instead of this. It seems to be overriding concept is applicable for static methods but it is not overriding it is method hiding.

A name in java program is called identifier. The main advantage of arrays is we can represent multiple values with the same mxterial so that readability of the code will be improved. Reserved words for data types: To register a listener: Nataraj from Ameerpeta Core Java notes by Mr.

Syntax for getter method: In java some identifiers are reserved to associate some functionality or meaning such type of reserved identifiers are called reserved words.

Floating Point Data types: Any constant value which can be assigned to the variable is called literal. Introduction An array is an indexed collection of fixed number of homogeneous data elements.

Day after day he was bringing less and durgasooft. For every array type corresponding classes are available but these classes are part of java language and not available to the programmer level.