Dodecahedron Calendar Template – Pentagon FaceJanuary February March Su Mo Tu We Th Fr S. Eventbrite – Margin Walker Presents presents Mode Dodeca @ Mohawk – Friday, December 21, at Mohawk, Austin, TX. Find event and. Saturnalia Music and Arts Fest w/ Ex Romantika (1am), Spindrift (12mid), Lake of Fire (), Afrofreque (), Flower Graves (), Tender Things ().

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jason’s hyperion blog

Ankara American Community, Turkey. Each row in the calendar table has a similar name Comment.

In Dodeca, commentary is a first class citizen with extensive configuration options. In this case, I want to be able to have two input cells the year and and month and then generate a properly aligned calendar based on that.

Check this formula out:. Create a workout plan. Kleine Brogel Air Base, Belgium. You may have noticed that due to the nature of a calendar, there are several cells at the beginning and end that are likely to be blank.


Dynamic Calendar with Comments in Dodeca / jason’s hyperion blog

Once roughly cut, the dodecaa get machine-sanded then individually hand-sanded with fine grade papers, before under going two coats of Osmo oil to create a smooth and sealed finish. Steven Sanchez East District Superintendent. Next up is this interesting SequentialRanges option. Michael Thompson South District Superintendent.

Moron AB, Seville, Spain. The other minor options regarding the indicator should be pretty self-explanatory. Like us on Facebook. The ACell function is very common, and it gives us a reference to the active cell being evaluated. Additionally, Caldndar gives us the column letter for a given column, and CCol gives us the numeric value of the current column.

Garmisch EMSGarmisch Elementary Middle School Home

Donato Cuadrado Southeast District Superintendent. Pierce Terrace Elementary School C. In column G, the row ID values are only three columns to the right. Naval Support Activity Naples, Italy. Recall that we can have multiple comment range definitions in a view. Revealing the dodecahedron shape from a single block of material was one of claendar biggest challenges facing the team.

DodeCal is a Registered Trademark No. Now the template looks like this:. The unique design, on both the inside and outside of the box, is printed with environmentally friendly water-based screen printing inks. Naval Support Activity Bahrain.


This is a great start to the calendar: A tactile, three dimensional object that combines functionality and contemporary design, DodeCal makes a welcome addition to any home or workplace. Our condition string for seeing if comments should be active for a cell. Daegu Middle High School. One of the comment named ranges on the calendar. Calenfar Military Community, Italy.

Sigonella Air Station, Italy Sicily. DodeCalmade from a French sycamore, l aunched in October and sold out 7 days later. The user is going to be able to select calenda month and year from Dodeca selectors and the calendar will dynamically update.

After a bit of searching I found an incredible step-by-step guide on setting up the formulae for a dynamic calendar in Excel that I started with.