Synopsis: A temporal projection of the fourth Doctor warns the seventh Doctor and Ace about the Timewyrm, a cybernetic living data-eater that can take over. Timewyrm: Genesys picks up where the Dr. Who series and the Seventh Doctor left off. The basic plot of the novel is Ishtar the Goddess of Kish has come to visit. Doctor Who New Adventures Timewyrm Genesys.

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I don’t know the seventh Doctor very well, so I can’t judge how accurately he was portrayed. However, nothing is explicit; nothing is there to make the teen boys happy.

The site was constructed using Drupal. During his fourth incarnation, the Doctor left a temporal projection of himself wired into the telepathic circuits to warn his future self about the Timewyrm. Genests, the first hero-king, rules the city of Uruk.

Timewyrm: Genesys (novel) | Tardis | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The book also likes to throw in a lot fan service, like how the Chronovores give Ishtar new powers and named her doctoe Timewyrm or how at the end of the book the Seventh Doctor becomes the Third Doctor for no reason, it gets rather annoying and I wish John Peel wouldn’t timewyrn on having it.

Don’t apply your own standards to a culture which is quite different. So how does she remember who the Cybermen are? Characters as diverse as ancient warlords, futuristic harpies, and Ace, often think and speak in very mannered ways, as if they were characters on a page and not living, breathing people.

From memory it was dull and forgettable and I tend to agree. Dec 28, Sammy rated it liked it Shelves: As I said this book is not the Epic of Gilgamesh, it is a Doctor Who story that borrows from the epic.

Timewyrm: Genesys | Discontinuity Guide | The Whoniverse

And from somewhere amid those distant points of light an evil sentience has tumbled. Utnapishtim’s Guardian robots, which inspired the Scorpion Men of the Epic of Gilgamesh, are eight foot tall, with long metal legs and squat bodies.


The book was paced well, apart from the beginning where it feels painfully slow and it feels they were just making sure the book would have enough pages. Even after all that, I wouldn’t give it one of my ‘R’ ratings. Maybe in some of the later novels the sex will feel more organic.

Peel’s writing has a good flow to it as he builds up the mystery and tension of the plot. The inhabitants of Anu are humanoid, but taller than average humans and with white hair, and have life spans lasting thousands of years.

Yes, we’re dealing with primitive human civilizations–I get it.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat I thought the stuff dochor the Third Doctor calls people by the wrong names doesn’t work. Mesopotamia – the cradle of civilization. There isn’t really any sex, just mentions of it from ancient warriors.

Don’t apply your own standards to a culture dlctor is quite different. If the rest of the series is anything like this, I imagine there’ll be lots of epic stories, and I’m in for that.

Timweyrm 09, Brad rated it really liked it. Instead he feels the Sixth Doctor, if the Sixth Doctor was extremely heartless and didn’t care about his companions.

At that point, Ace and her party arrive. This was an okay start to the new series and it still tries to capture the old episodes.

But where’s the smut that had everybody up in arms? Nice characterization of Ace, very nice timesyrm on the Epic of Gilgamesh, geness overall sharp, exciting writing. She could only pray that the Doctor would gendsys some idea what they could do with the [spoiler] It’s been a while since I read this but I remember it being an easy to understand and get drawn into.

She later dresses in jeans and a sari for Gilgamesh’s feast in Uruk. In the end, the Doctor saves Kish, but although at first he thought he had destroyed the Timewyrm as she is by then gebesys by drop-kicking her from the TARDIS to the Time and Space Vortex, she returns to tell him she’s survived, escaped, and can now, with help from some Chronovores travel to any place in space genssys time. I am not timfwyrm if this book is supposed to be a retelling of the epic it is notbut events, such as travelling to Utnapishtim, are taken from the epic.


A pretty good start for the New Adventures, hampered by the fact that there are several typos and also the glaring well, to a Dr Who fan, and who else would be reading this book error of inferring that Ace went to Paradise Towers with The Doctor.

It’s got so many issues and has a clear and obvious sign it timewygm rushed just to be the first original book. Genesys this time around. Gilgameshthe first hero- kingrules the city of Uruk. But I guess I don’t like it when novels e I’m very interested in the “wilderness period” of Doctor Who, when the series was not in production, and fans were creating the stories, comparable in some ways to what went on with Star Trek in the s.

Timewyrm: Genesys

He tries to convince Ninani that they can not oppose such a powerful creature. A spacecraftholding the mysterious Timewyrmdrifts into Mutter’s Spiral.

On the plus side, first, the book already takes on a larger scope than the series could have achieved. However, the fourth planet is equally capable of doing so – because that’s where the Ice Warriors come from.

She just was not going to put up with the sexual politics, political hierarchies, and social mores of the time she was in. Simply saying that a woman is attractive and fit would suffice, but there’s an icky timeewyrm vibe to it that you just can’t shake. Ace also seems to kinda hate the Doctor for much of the novel, except for a line or two at the end.