: Digitech RP14D Amp Modeling Effects Processor – “Real Tube Amp Modeling, powered by a high voltage 12AX7 tube. The RP14D has 10 . Hello!Up for sale is a very amazing multi-effects unit by nice tube driven preamp / floor board multi-effects processor! Nice sounding tube. Tested and working – used condition – see pics – includes power supply. Ships free via importantly – please read the 4 Gospels 4 2 The.

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Rocking the pedal back and forth will change the value of the parameter that the pedal has been assigned to control. I do not know if they improved their current cranks. This machine has banks, divided into 50 factory presets and 50 users.

Note the presence of an entry “jam-a-long” mini-jack for recording and the work of a short musical sequence 12 seconds or less, possibly slowed by a factor of 4 without change of tone from a CD for example. I acquired the French manual on the web that was not supplied. Table Of Contents Included Items By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. As you go through the different Programs that came in the RP14D, you will find that the dgitech pedal has different functions.

Amount Determines the quantity of sweep in the YaYa effect. Turn the Output knob on the front panel of the RP14D all the way down fully counter clockwise. Now that the savings are waiting for you I chose to make a pedalboard and I am very happy with all my pedals see my profile.

Remember that the User Programs are duplicates of the Factory Programs so, you are not at risk of losing any of the sounds that the RP14D came with. Declaration Of Conformity S. The phaser is good, I like less the flanger, but a matter of taste digjtech and settings? The “Dive Bomb” the Whammy reissue does not come down to 4 – 3 octaves.

Our members also liked: Note that dkgitech saturation level of the factory presets are often too high The RP14D will reset to factory condition. The various parameters are easily editable, edit and save thanks to the presence of a well designed LED matrix perhaps a little small, but it was necessary that the pedals keep a reasonable size. This pedal can be assigned to control any one of 13 different parameters in the RP14D.


Got it, continue to print.

Press the Store button once. The Parameters are arranged in horizontal rows and the Effects are in vertical columns.

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Did you find this review helpful? Connect the other end of the PS power supply to an AC outlet. Delay Parameters are as follows: Not satisfied with those reviews? A U begins flashing in the Display, which is asking us to select the User Bank and Program number that we wish to save our changes to.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Write a user review Ask for a user review. The modeling of acoustic guitar is in my opinion not very realistic, but the exercise is dangerous and no electric will never replace a real acoustic Simply follow the horizontal and vertical LEDs across the Matrix to the point where they intersect.

The lamp intgre in multi-effects really add grain and warmth to the sound. Obviously then, ca never rival with a built-intrs honntement, for what it cost or dj the era I bought it and therefore still todayit is a good deal trs, an Investment to be no regrets.

Compression, wah, pedal volume, amp type, equalization, gate, pitch, delay, reverb, speaker simulator brief too many effects, all in a very solid metal case. The effects are effective, but still very colorful. We also note the presence of a noise-gate, a wha-wha and a tuner. No miking hassles, no heavy equip- ment, just full on miked cabinet sound. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Obviously then, ca never rival with a built-intrs honntement, for what it cost or dj the era I bought it and therefore still todayit is a good deal trs, an Investment to be no regrets.


Personally, I had to open it 2 times! Robust metal housing for use live, with an expression pedal assignable to the volume or a parameter of any group effects. The signal at this output is in a digital format, and is to be connected to a It is not like many of the camera, just to look pretty!

I have successfully used this machine with no other pedal until Junewhen I switched to the higher category with the acquisition of a G-Force rack. Getting Started Before connecting the RP14D, make sure that the power to your amplifier is turned off, and that the power to the RP14D is disconnected.

User reviews: DigiTech RP14D – Audiofanzine

The manual, in french, is perfect for small technical issues. Modulation tremolo, octave, etc Press the Parameter Down button again and by following the grid across you will find that this is the Bass Parameter. In digitexh event shall Digitech or its dealers be liable for special or consequential damages or from any delay in the performance of this warranty due to causes beyond their control. You can then set minimum and maximum values which are stop points for the top and bottom positions on the Expression Pedal.

The difference between a Pitch Shifter and an intelligent Pitch Shifter is that the Pitch Shifter stays parallel to your note at the dihitech interval, and an intelligent Pitch Shifter knows which notes to make sharp or flat in order to keep rp14s shifted pitches within the specified key and scale. Turn the rp14s to your amplifier s on.

This maintains the integrity of your signal. Section Two – Editing Functions Once a Program has been edited to your liking, you may store those settings to any of the 50 User Program locations.

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