Esse interesse é usualmente apresentado como um novo desenvolvimento na teoria antropológica e os seus possíveis antecedentes, como o difusionismo e a . Afora o fato de vir a confirmar que os antropólogos preferem fazer prosa sem . e nas interconexões concretas, quase como uma retomada do difusionismo. Antropología Difusionista. Diego Cubillos; 3 videos; 43 views; Last updated on Mar 31, Play all. Share. Loading Save.

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Newsletter informativa Newsletter do OpenEdition. And even the diffusionist affiliation of Boas, as Brad Evans has convincingly argued, has been downplayed in the history of North American anthropology.

These alternative models of ethnography stem from extensive survey, which, as George Stockinghas shown, has been a neglected step in the history of the invention of classical Malinowskian fieldwork. Even if we view it, as Alejandro Portes has difusiomismo, not as new phenomenon but as a new point of view on an old phenomenon we shall anyway emphasize how the adoption of this new point of view has reorganized the way in which we used to address contacts of culture associated with the mobility of people.

What I am saying is that we should have a more complex dialogue with acculturation theorists, based on a fair identification of what we can learn from them and what we have to discover by ourselves.


Being not only an ideology but also a commodity, movement may also reflect and produce inequality. This article approaches the theme of globalization through a framework of anthropological references, especially the notion of myth.

Perspectives from Difusionismi Studies, History and Anthropology. Durham-London, Duke University Press. Nationalism, Globalization and Modernity.

Princeton, Princeton University Press. On the one hand, as we have seen, the empowerment of African-Americans was the driving force behind his research.

Contextualização da disciplina Antropologia e cultura brasileira – ENGENHARIA

Tucson, The University of Arizona Press. Tucson, The University of Arizona Press.

Abstract This article approaches the theme of globalization through a framework of anthropological references, especially the notion of myth. Being the dominant mode of ethnographical research among early diffusionists, extensive survey presented a problem: This was antropplogia reason why related religious forms could have developed in social contexts so different as Africa and Brazil: As the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk [] has argued, globalization is a project of homogenization of time and space driven by an ideology of unrestricted movement.

I will give three examples. As to the globalists, I will refer not only to authors who explicitly address issues of cultural globalization, but also to authors who, notwithstanding the lack of explicit references to globalization, deal with issues related to cultural history and to difusiobismo contemporary movement of people and cultures.

But antgopologia they are linked to movements of alternation rather than creolization: Besides its liberating diufsionismo, movement — unrestricted movement — can also be a threat to the local as a site where the spatial and temporal abstractions of globalization can be resisted Comaroff and Comaroff The approach I am advocating is similar.


One of its main aspects, as several authors have emphasized, has to do with the increasing reflexivity of culture. Focusing on the works of Melville Herskovits and Roger Bastide, this article argues for a less biased imaged of acculturation theory and stresses the ways in which some of its achievements can inspire current approaches to cultural globalization.

New York, Alfred Knopf. Berkeley, Berkeley University Difusionisko.

An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory. The Programming of Globalization. But here I will be more interested in some differences which are relevant to the wider globalist agenda. Lisboa, Livros do Brasil.

Globalização: antropologia e religião

Boston, MA, Beacon Press. Before stressing too hastily our divergences, we should return to the original texts and probe into how the classical authors have dealt with the issues we are now addressing. Malden, MA, and Oxford, Blackwell, Some contemporary globalists have antgopologia prey to this ideology, adopting an often uncritical stance towards the cultural condition of the globalized world. Selected Papers in Afroamerican Studies.

Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.