CELLRAISER: Renowned cancer expert says we are underestimating the risk of mobile phones | PDF |. Disconnect, a book about cell phones by Devra Davis. 1 of Devra Davis’s Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family. The disconnect. Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family by Devra Davis.

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Part II: Cell Phones and Cancer

The Voyageur 1 is the most distant man-made object. Lorne Trottier is a co-founder of Matrox Ltd.

Olle Johansson had an international letter-writing campaign in his support after, they ejected him as he was recovering from surgery to boot not the first time for his persecution in this manner. December 15, at 9: If after 50 years all the alarmists can point to are in vitro studies and nebulous in vivo effects that are not consistently replicable especially at larger and larger sample sizes, is it any wonder that the alarmist camp is rejected by health authorities?

And why can’t we have more peer-reviewed scientific research on potential impacts? Oct 06, Amanda rated it liked it. I had a friend die of cancer last year we still miss you Julian and as he was wilting away in his death bed he had his cell phone on his chest the whole time. The bigger question is: Instead, we have a convergence of different types of studies epidemiological studies comparing cellphone users to controls and evidence that blinded people who claim they are Electrohypersensitive cannot detect the presence of EMF fields and a lack of prior plausibility of harm due to the laws of physics that make it most unlikely that EMF is a serious health hazard.


Therefore such studies are subject to a limitation called recall bias. Another Deever logical fallacy special: No, I absolutely disagree. I also battle chronic Lyme – a bug that has this ‘amazing’ ability to cross the blood-brain barrier or did we give it some help?

Environmental Health Trust DISCONNECT – Environmental Health Trust

With non-participation rates among controls around 50 percent, it is impossible to have any confidence in study resulst. In this case, the evidence is not mounting; quite the opposite.

Bottom line about cell phone use: We will start by reviewing a few of the most blatant examples of how it misrepresents key findings of some of the most important cell phone studies. All of the studies that Davis refers to are a particular type of case control study.

December 10, at 7: They are flowing in…. December 10, at 8: If the problem of brain cancer or other effects turns out to be non-thermal effects, then all handsets have a problem and choosing a low SAR handset will not help and might, in fact, be worse.


The authors found a slight difference in “behavioral problems” among the children in the two groups and suggest the difference is due to cell phone use. If you do not, this line of argument is a fail.

Part I: Major Misstatements

It missed the point of non-thermal concerns completely. Something for Everybody O. In the case of the BP oil spill, the government relied on industry to set standards, and we saw the consequences [of that action].

Davis cavis the International Breast Cancer Prevention Collaborative Research Group, an organization dedicated to exploring the causes of breast cancer. Shocking news about electrohypersensitivity.

Someone just sent me http: Your mental graphing is rather strange. January 29, at A first year physics student could tell her that all electromagnetic waves follow the inverse square law.

Second, the reduction of insect reproductive capacity was found to be due to cell death induction in reproductive cells.

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