Into the Storm has ratings and reviews. Mr. Matt said: Matt Ready and the crew of the USS Walker are on the run from the Japanese when they fin. Into The Storm is the first book of the Destroyermen series of alternate history novels by Taylor Anderson. The main setting of the series is the four-stacker USS . In Into the Storm, the story begins during the Second Battle of the Java Sea. The USS Walker (DD) is a destroyer of the United.

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Book 9 was published in May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ah, but how things change when they come out of the squall. Once the shock of the new world wears off, or at least becomes a secondary concern, the team find themselves in the middle of a battle between the Lemurians cat monkey people from Madagascar and teh crazy ass Lizard people from Parts of me enjoyed it, while other parts thought it was a bit clunky. Feb 22, Paul rated it liked it Shelves: Sign In Don’t have an account? The Americans, with their superior technology, can tip the balance of the war in favor of the lemurs, but should they?

The first book was a bit slow getting started, but then picked up well and I desyroyermen myself enjoying it very much. I considered several possibilities, with Island in the Sea of Time by S. It’s the way the author folds violence or perhaps romantic even sexual scenes and content and the emotional responses that come up when reading or hearing for audiobooks those scenes.

Destroyermen – Wikipedia

This one th dissapoint! This novel however tells an actual story and draws you in with a plot and interesting characters. What a surprise this book was Destroyermen 1 – 10 of 14 books. In a desperate act intended to save the lives of his crew, the captain orders the destroyer to cruise into a large squall in an attempt to make the ship less visible to the marauding Japanese fleet.


Book 7, Iron Gray Seawas released in July Romance was present in this story as well, if only for a minor part, but it remained one of the most predictable things about this book and felt rushed at the end, although the tension between those two characters was clearly visible from the very beginning. They must decide whose side they’re on.

It’s all well done.

Into the Storm

Instead they evolved into an intelligence that threatens to destroy the other intelligent race of the planet, the Lemur like Lemurians. Humans have not evolved, but two other species have. These guys are neither perfect nor completely flawed.

That made it easier for the captain to assess the situation. I have only a couple of critiques.

Into the Storm | Destroyermen Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The cover is gorgeous! Its captain, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy, knows that he and his crew are in dire straits. Now, to be more precise, hte not entirely clear whether the USS Walker goes back in time or sidewise, but either way, the ship, on the run from a vastly superior Japanese stor, winds up in an alternate timeline in which humans never evo A World War II destroyer is sent back in time and joins lemur-people in a war against dinosaur-people.

Is is a fun light read, i was expecting it to be pretty naff, but I do enjoy that ANderson writes very well for the period. The Lemurians are an ocean going nomadic people, forced to flee the major landmasses due to the rapacious ways of the Grik. A contemporary battleship being sent back to prehistoric times would have been interesting enough, but making the ship a WWI destroyer that is already failing when pressed into WWII service is a nice touch, and making that prehistoric world an alternate one, populated by a cat-like race at war with a reptilian one, is fantastic.


Silva a destroyerman in all respectsthe novel is filled with amazing characters, all flawed, all troubled, all loyal and all amazing. The characters are rich and wonderful, the world building as meticulous as it is creative and the wicked villains cold blooded In desperation, he heads Walker into a squall, hoping it will give them cover – and emerges somewhere else.

The twelfth book in the series was released in June Book 11 of the series was released in June [13]. In the middle of a heated battle, during which both Walker and Mahan are almost totally destroyed, they slip into a squall – and into someplace else entirely.

Nov 20, Kam rated it liked it Shelves: The two destroyers separate after Reddy transfers the two pilots and four nurses to Mahan. Commander Matthew Reddy and the crew of the Walker are everyman thrown into an incomprehensible situation and doing the best they can. These are fairly well known science fiction themes but they thee handled well here without burying the story. You can help by adding to it.

The same cannot necessarily be said for USS Mahan; her sister ship that accompanies her to this strange new land.