Writer: Ellen Rapoport Details: pages (June 23, draft) To prepare you for Desperados, one should know that the opening scene. Honestly, Desperados isn’t a terrible script. Instead, it seems like writer Ellen Rapoport is hedging her bets in case, let’s say, financiers decide. Universal Pictures has picked up “Desperados,” a comedy spec from Ellen Rapoport that will act as a potential starring vehicle for Isla Fisher.

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But then, almost magically, she runs into Jared, a dreamy 37 year old Adonis with a personality as perfect as his smile.

Director Betty Thomas will be peeling herself away from a couple of CGI rodents and dipping herself back into live action with “Desperados. The screenplay was written by Ellen Rapoport.

Additionally, TVwhich operates independently with no studio deal, has several cable shows in development. And because this took me out of the story at such a critical moment, I couldn’t help but lose elllen of my enthusiasm for it.

Between then and now the project had a director in Wayne McClammywho recently dropped out. I really hope there’s no ha-ha physical humor hijinks that goes along with this story. This sounds like her coolest film to date.

Many of the Idiot Desperxdos problems could easily be resolved if eleln story relied a little more on the natural fish-out-of-water humor that comes from a neurotic, decidedly American woman trying to navigate the unfamiliar customs of a foreign country. In fact, I think this moment in the script shows a pretty clear distinction between regular plotting and Idiot Plotting: Read at your own risk. The screenplay was written by Ellen Rapoportwho wrote a bunch of episodes of The Jamie Kennedy Experimentand it is being directed by Betty Thomaswho last made Alvin and the Chipmunks: Wesley is out there passing judgment on the fucked up shit people do every day.


You could easily transpose the action to another vacation resort by only changing the names of locations and maybe desperafos lines of dialogue. Sources familiar with the situation say that Thomas is planning to accept the offer.

The only thing I didn’t like about Desperados, and what kept it from what I was sure would be an impressive rating, was the ending. But is it as good as The Hangover, a script that made the original Scriptshadow Top 25 way back when? The way we introduce the perfect version of us to everyone, hoping that if we trickle out our faults at spacious enough intervals, that the other person won’t notice, or be in too deep to turn back.

Trying to capitalize on another films success, the Black Listed screenplay is described as a female-oriented version of The Hangover.

Ellen Rapoport – IMDb

Newer Post Older Post Home. That seems to be the norm these days for Idiot Plot movies: When 24 hours turns into five days, Wesley’s had it. Those are small examples, but the entire plot hinges on one big, steaming pile of Idiot Plot: But then Jared doesn’t call. Wayne McClammy was originally attached to direct, but left citing creative differences.


Exclusive: Nasim Pedrad, Jason Mitchell to Star in Netflix Rom-Com ‘Desperados’

What does work shows that Rapoport understands comedy and understands relationships. Panicking, she races south of the border with her friends in tow to intercept the email before he recovers.

Nevertheless, Desperados is filled with similar gross-out gags and, honestly, a few similar story beats. This one is going to be called Desperadosand it tells the story of three female friends who go to Mexico to try and deal with a scathing message one of them left a guy she likes presumably before he can hear it?

According to the L. DolittleAlvin and the Chipmunks: The other two writers from last year are swapping places this time out. The script was written by Ellen Rapoport and previously held a spot on the coveted Black List, a compilation of the best, unproduced scripts floating around Hollywood. Take that as you will.

Tuesday, December 15, Desperados. A year ago we heard many female centered Hangover-style movies were in development. Isla Fischer is still attached to star to the film. And if you’re not giving people the real you, can you even call the relationship real?