Forget all-or-nothing approaches, Dean Ornish, MD, says. It’s not about banning foods on his latest diet plan, The Spectrum. He ranks foods. The Ornish Diet has been named the “#1 Best Heart-Healthy Diet” by U.S. News & World Report for seven consecutive years!. The Spectrum diet is the latest lifestyle and weight-loss plan created by Dean Ornish, MD, the pioneer researcher who showed that a low-fat.

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After one year those following his diet were more likely to see a regression in their atherosclerosis. Many people are thoroughly exasperated by the seemingly contradictory information they read about what a sound nutrition and lifestyle program should be.

The Nutrition Spectrum consists of five groups. Ornish explains how and why the choices we make everyday influence our health through our genes.

More about Dean Ornish, M. But the spfctrum issue is what happens to actual measures of heart disease, not just risk factors, which I will describe further on.

They may even lengthen telomeresthe ends of our chromosomes that control aging. The book is based on our latest research, including studies showing that you may actually be able to change how your genes are expressed just by changing what you eat and how you live.

For the past 37 years my colleagues and I at the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute, in collaboration with leading scientists and medical institutions, have published a series of randomized controlled trials and demonstration projects showing that spectrmu lifestyle changes may slow, stop and often reverse the progression of many chronic diseases. There is junk and there is food. But what about the claims Ornish makes about the success of his own diet—do they hold up to scrutiny?

But for reversing disease, a whole-foods, plant-based diet seems to be necessary. The choices you make each day in your diet and lifestyle have a direct influence on how your genetic predisposition is expressed—for better and for worse.


For most people, being on a diet— any diet—is not sustainable. Also by Dean Ornish, M. Below is my letter to the editor of The New England Journal of Medicine that they published about this study:. When people dutifully cut down on fat in the s and s, they replaced much of it with high-sugar and high-calorie processed foods think: Dec 30, Pages. After multivariate adjustment for major lifestyle and dietary risk factors, the pooled hazard ratio HR 95 percent CI of total mortality for a one-serving-per-day increase was 1.

The media and the food industry contribute to nutrition confusion, and often paralysis, to make headlines or sell their products. The diet I recommend ornisn low in refined carbohydrates and low in harmful fats including trans fats, hydrogenated fats and some saturated fats and low in animal protein particularly red meat but deaj beneficial fats including omega-3 fatty acidsgood carbs including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes ornissh soy in their natural, unrefined forms and good proteins predominantly plant-based.

Previous studies in the U. He knew that for this program to be accessible for everyone, it must be reimbursed by insurance. My colleagues and I conducted a demonstration project of patients from four academic medical centers and four community hospitals. Health is the result of your genes expressing themselves well, disease is the result of poorly expressed genes. Get Started Or call Dec 26, Pages Buy. Time and again, Dr. Based on previous longitudinal studies, weight tends to increase up until age 50—60 at which point it becomes stable before beginning to decline steadily by an average of 0.

Plus, discouraging the intake of entire macronutrient groups can backfire. And he proved that it worked.

The Spectrum Diet

He should know better. The fact that processed meat is even worse for you than unprocessed meats deaj not change the fact that the risk of premature death from all causes is higher in those eating red meat than those who do not. In other words, the diet I recommend sppectrum weight loss, not weight gain.


The participants all had trouble adhering to their regimens, but all lost about the same statistically significant amounts of weight, and when compared head to head, s;ectrum Atkins dieters saw greater improvements in blood pressure and HDL cholesterol than the Ornish dieters did. This was clearly stated in my New York Times o p—ed:. In our studies we ask smaller groups of people to make much bigger changes in lifestyle and provide them enough support to enable them to do so.

Yes, and nowhere are the claims more conflicting than in the area of diet. USDA data also show pdf that between and U. These changes may also alter your ornisnturning on genes that keep you healthy and turning off genes that promote disease.

The Spectrum Diet – Diet and Nutrition Center – Everyday Health

The people in sean control group were told to do none of these things. See all books by Dean Ornish, M. Also, as I wrote in my op—ed in The New York Timesmy colleagues and I have conducted randomized controlled trials that these same diet and lifestyle changes reverse the progression of other common chronic diseases.

Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. As I wrote about in my op—ed, according to the U. Twenty-eight were assigned to his low-fat, plant-based diet and 20 were given usual cardiac care.

And it matters whether the way you eat balances your blood sugar or causes swings in blood sugar. While some significant differences remain, a greater consensus is emerging among nutrition experts than most people realize.

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