In his review of my book, American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World [NYR, June 24], J. H. Elliott does not take issue. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Stannard, David E. American holocaust: Columbus and the conquest of the. New World I David E. Stannard. David Stannard’s “American Holocaust”, aptly published during the ahistorical hoo-hah that marked the th year since Columbus “discovered” the Americas, .

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A lesson in empathy and a masterwork of historiography and scholarly thinking. How convincing are his evidence and reasoning? And all this contrasted with the, generally, hospitable treatment offered settlers and newcomers by native peoples.

Though Stannard tends to gloss over violence and intertribal warfare in pre-Columbian America and accepts accounts of Spanish atrocities by early chroniclers as well as high population estimates for pre-Columbian America, his is a carefully researched, well-written monograph based on the latest secondary sources. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms.

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American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World by David E. Stannard | LibraryThing

The former shows the diversity and beauty of the native people and the second shows the carnage visited upon them by the European “Civilizers”. Inspite of knowing the ugliness of this worldIcall it naive, had a naive sense of justice. The missionary is a seller of a product called — Christianity stannaard the Non-believer in to whose head it is being pushed is a consumer.

To realisethey the Stannafd have been prosecuted continously for the last years and that it still continues was enough of a wake up call for me. Stannard Sweeping in scope and meticulously detailed David E.

David Stannard

This was the “Trail of Tears” which Stannard refers to as a “death march. Moving further south to the kingdom of the Incas, the Conquistadors continued their search for gold and other precious metals. Amazon Kindle 0 editions.

I have grown immensely while reading this book and I believe writing an emotionally driven review of a work of non fictionwhen I do not possess the vocabulary nor the talent to do justice to itwon’t be a beneficial review. The definitive review of what really occurred in the Americas before and after Columbus set sail. Let me remind you this issues such as health care, land and treaty rights, about U.


Working from source materials written by the Europeans themselvesit’s devastating and damning, unfathomable in its violence and degradation. Feb 15, Sylvia rated holocausst it was amazing. With the second voyage of Columbus, the true conquest began. I had no idea that disease wiped out so much of the native American population before Jamestown was settled and the Pilgrims arrived.

Recognizing his debt to Francis Jennings, he ends the chapter with a note on Jennings’ demographic demographic revelations and a tilt of the hat to Edward Said’s critique of Orientalism. Library Locations and Hours. The word modern can only be tested relatively, as there are no objective standards to test it stannad. Army’s massacre of Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee in the s–the indigenous inhabitants of North and South America endured an unending firestorm of violence.

My own feeling is that apologists davld the American Hlocaust use this as an alibi for the genocide- it just kinda happened Very well written and meticulously researched book describing the worst genocide the world has ever known. The authors reviews -in part 3- the European culture which was intertwined with Christianity and arrives to the conclusion that Christianity, by motivating self-hatred that begets hatred of everything that is not Christian, is the main responsible of the massacres committed by the European, not only in the Americas, but also in Africa and Asia and even inside Europe itself.

This was the “Trail of Tears” which Stannard refers to as a “death march. The Pequot War witnessed the massacre of women and children and the virtual obliteration of the Pequot tribe. He then moves south to Mesoamerica and recounts the history of Mayans and later Aztecs. The same pattern of behavior was repeated throughout Mesoamerica. Nov 22, Krista the Krazy Kataloguer rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m sad and ashamed this book is not translated into Spanish – every high school kid should be reading it.


Nothing can be done to improve the past, but we can at least face it.

American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World

The author has amegican an incredible amount of stanbard and applied contemporary anthropological, demographic, and historical techniques to synthesize a comprehensive piece of scholarship.

There is a holocaust in our American past. Shrinking Historypublished inwas chosen by Psychology Today as one of the ‘best books of the year’. Although somewhat overstated and repetitive, the book provides a glimpse of dark deeds as well as an entree into the voluminous literature dealing with what Fritz Jennings once termed the “Invasion of America. Next he recounts Cortez’s conquest of the Aztec’s city of Tenochtitlan.

Great Crossings Christina Snyder. The word modern is indeed used here after a serious thought. This book is a must-read about the history of the Americas and the present of the world in general.

American holocaust : the conquest of the New World

Writing a column is sometimes an arduous to talk about American Indian Genocide: But I like to think that they saw the light, and that they recognised that so-called primitive peoples had civilised values that exceeded those of the continent from which they had come.

Failing to find gold, the Iberians instead set up encomienda plantations on Hispaniola and enslaved the natives to provide a labor force.

His highly provocative answer: If there are two major flaws that I think this book has stananrd are: The first partwhere he documents the crisis can be a bit thick to trudge through. Moving further south to the kingdom of the Incas, the Conquistadors continued their search for gold and other precious metals.

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