Covenantal Apologetics. Study Key Issues in Apologetics and Its Relationship with Christian Doctrine. Curated from a lecture series by K. Scott Oliphint. In his latest work, Covenantal Apologetics, K. Scott Oliphint seeks to recast Cornelius Van Til’s presuppositional apologetics as “covenantal apologetics” – a . Covenantal Apologetics has ratings and 59 reviews. Andrew said: This book was good in more carefully defining presuppositional apologetics as covenan.

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I would recommend Greg Bahnsen’s book, Always Ready, as a better introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics and because it doesn’t present aberrant views concerning God’s immutability. I found this refreshing.

Apr 03, Juan Reyes rated it really liked it Shelves: Jun 29, David rated it really liked it Shelves: The “dialogues” that are featured throughout the book, between “Covenantal Apologists” and Atheists, Muslims, etc.

Nevertheless I think a more covenqntal defense of Christianity can be given than Oliphint allows and it can be achieved with a kind of Presuppositionalism, though not one that Oliphint would easily adopt.

Covenantal Apologetics – Reformation21

In this, the persuasive character of a covenantal apologeyics emerges. Sep 20, Laurent Dv rated it liked it Shelves: In fact, he is responsible for making it more Christ-centered and proposing the name change from presuppositional apologetics to convenantal apologetics. Oliphint does well to define “apologetics” and then offer an apologetic for its use. Oliphint usually dismisses it completely, even seeing it as always unhelpful. I like his attempted re-name, “Covenantal Apologetics” but I honestly don’t see it sticking.

This book is essentially an introduction to presuppositional apologetics the author wishes to change the name presuppositional to Covenantal, an out of respect for the author, I am willing to do so, however, it must be noted that it is the very same as Van Tillian apologetics. If Covenantal Apologetics aspires to be broadly accessible, it would do well either to clarify such issues or to omit technical and unclear terminology that is only fully explained elsewhere.


He is intellectually challenging, and frankly, out of the intellectual range of most people. Evidentialists, rather, seek for common ground in reason.

Covenantal Apologetics : Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith

ocvenantal Aug 28, Eddie Mercado rated it really liked it. Sep 13, Jason Garwood rated it it was amazing. To sum up this one critique, the covenantal apologist’s argument for compatibility based on the hypostatic union seemingly fails to address the specific atheist objection under discussion. A Christian’s view of the sovereignty of God absolutely influences the way that he conducts evangelism and apologetics.

Chapter 4 alone is worth the price of the book. In this way, it is unclear why Oliphints ‘Covenental Apologetic’ doesn’t reduce to fideism, despite his efforts to escape fideism, accusing it of producing an impotent faith, unable to convict unbelievers of sin.

They can be helpful. The audience level for this book is for those who have already read some books and This book was good in more carefully defining presuppositional apologetics as covenantal apologetics, but Dr.

Feb 10, Will Turner rated it liked it Shelves: They unwittingly borrow the principles for their position from Christianity! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But covenantal apologetics argues that there is no common ground in reason. Scott Oliphint’s tenent of Covenantal Condescension and denial of Divine Impassibility is posted at my blog: It is very readable, although I aoologetics some parts need a bit of study, and gives an excellent overview of the present state of Reformed apologetics.

To try to know ourselves without knowing God covenanfal be like trying to know our image in a mirror when we are not standing in front of it. The true, covenantal knowledge of God in man, together with God’s universal mercy allows for persuasion in apologetics. Certainly, such concepts defy pithy descriptions, but a bit more clarity on them would make Oliphint’s work exponentially more accessible and useful to most readers.

Apologetics is thought of by some to be an arcane discipline, and the Presuppositional brand of apologetics to be even more so. They can be downright harmful. These are central to everything the author says in the book: No trivia or quizzes yet. I do wish that he would have spent more time actually working through the tenets offering a more robust biblical support for each one, but that may have been outside the scope of the book. That is a goal that we cannot accomplish.


Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Covenantal Apologetics: Principles and Practice in Defense of Our Faith by K. Scott Oliphint

Oliphint deals with a broad range of subjects and he does so in a manner that will not easily lose his audience. Overall, Covenantal Apologetics is a good introduction on how to do apologetics, and can serve as a textbook for both individual study and small group classes on the topic. These general contours of a aologetics apologetic are well demonstrated in several “sample dialogues” that Oliphint includes in his work. Dec 04, Cris rated it it a;ologetics ok.

Thus, every unbelieving position will necessarily have within it ideas, concepts, notions, and the like that it has taken and wrenched from their true, Christian context.

Covenantal Apologetics

Like other reviewers, I find this term much easier to understand and makes clear our covenantal relationship to God.

Will reread it every couple of years. Scott Oliphint, Covenantal Apologetics: Tragically, in his rebellion, sinful man suppresses this revelation of God in unrighteousness, constructing myriad systems – intellectual, philosophical, moral, religious – to obscure the inescapable divine image that he bears; to reject God’s revelation in His Word and in His Son; and to answer the existential questions left when the God Who establishes Reality is denied.