CMIE does offer the raw data of Prowess too. This isavailable from s. In this setup,the user has complete freedom to. Visit 2. Use the Download Prowess IQ link on the right panel to download the Prowess IQ setup file. 3. Execute the downloaded. Prowess: Download ProwessIQ user interface (Client Software) for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install it on.

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You can plot technical charts ofshare prices or of other indicators such as income,profits, assets or ratios based on these or share inownership of promoters, etc.

The Prowess database has evolved to incorporate thesechanges in disclosures. We there-fore classify these business entities by type, such as, aregistered company, a cooperative, a statutory body, etc. In spite of this increase in the coverage of small com-panies, the contribution of the large companies in thetotal sales has increased. Theseare classifications based on entity type, industry, owner-ship, state, age and size. These presentations help theuser in quickly analysing the companies in the database.

All of these are coveredin this Table. The increase in both, the count andaggregate sales during the two decades has been morein the non-manufacturing and non-mining companies. In somecases, the data on the websites is outdated.

If we look for companies that have information for threeconsecutive years, the count would fall further. Aggregates is another very useful feature that hasemanated from CMIEs intensive use of the Prowessdatabase. Companies can get added into the databasewith historical information.

Thisratio provides a sense of the magnitude of thebusiness captured by the Prowess database. As a policy, companies are not removed fromthe database, once they have been added. Includes traded quantityand volume, etc recorded on the National Stock Exchange.


All feedback received by us does not get incorporatedin the product. It does makeanalytical company reports that include forecasts of thecompanys performance.

Prowess Resource Tutorial – [PDF Document]

Prowess provides time-series data beginning You may executemany queries and get many sets of companies. Thus,in spite of the large increase in small companies, theaverage size of a company in Prowess increased four-fold between and Some of the companies that have an offi-cial website do provide a lot of useful informationsuch as their Annual Reports, quarterly financialstatements, transcripts of analysts meetings andmore.

Each name is mapped to an appropriateand unique business entity. If we include all the 24, com-panies in Prowess, the coverage would be higher thanwhat is stated above. Official names of business entities are not neces-sarily unique.

Prowess is used extensively in the bankingsector, amongst investment companies, in transfer pric-ing applications, etc. It is adatabase of all economically active business entities inIndia, subject to the availability of their Annual Re-ports based on unabridged audited accounts.

Most com-panies that have designed useful websites have done sofor their customers. The Prowess database is tutoroal into a software. RBI provides very little information on individ-ual companies.

This includes most impor-tantly, the pattern of ownership of the equity cap-ital of the company. It was not built for any specific re-search program of CMIE or for any particular clientsrequirement. It does not cover any partnerships or proprietor-ship concerns.

The official website of companies is not a uniformlyreliable source of information. Yet, the coverage in Prowess is signifi-cant as it covers a fairly large proportion of the businessconducted in India.


The maximum number of companies coveredfor a year was 1,69, But, we would find onlyabout 3, manufacturing companies. Thus, for larger, listed companies, Prowess has a longtime-series of data and these are the companies thathave copious amounts of disclosures. Prowess han-dles all these complications and more to give youthe power of aggregating any set of companiesthat you may choose. This is the power ofProwess. The Insti-tute of Chartered Accountants of India has increased thenumber of Accounting Standards and thereby increasedthe disclosures companies have to make in their AnnualReports.

Once a company merges into another company,it ceases to provide any information as a separate en-tity. These numbers are subjectto daily change. Users can merely pick a tabulation andsee it at the click of a button. Thissoftware and the database are installed on the userscomputer.

Prowess Resource Tutorial

It provides a historical perspective tounderstand changes over time and over businesscycles. This includes share prices, changes in capital structureand announcements made by the companies or by theexchanges. These applicationslead to new demands on Prowess that often culminatein enhancement of Prowess features.

This difference arises because all the listed com-panies for which we have 20 proowess of data ending in, were not listed companies 20 years ago. Is Glaxo and Glindia the samecompany? About 1, to 1, private limited companies arecovered in Prowess for each of the recent years. Official names do not remain constant over time.