Calibre má takú úžasnú voľbu že pri exporte kníh na disk ich krásne pomenuje podľa mnou nadefinovanej šablóny a “normalizuje” názvy súborov a adresárov. Display. The display of PocketBook Pro is made on E Ink electronic paper technology. The distinctive feature of this revolutionary technology is a maximum . Čtečky elektronických knih – Tolino – – Tolino Vision 4 HD – Ctecka elektronických knih – 8 GB monochromní E Ink – dotyková obrazovka – Wi- Fi.

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When I read on the page, I frequently find myself having to re-read sentences, paragraphs or entire passages upon realizing that I had “zoned out” while reading. Of course you can individually adjust smartLight according to your preferences, whether you want cool white or warm light – with smartLight you enjoy the comfortable reading experience at all times.

Long battery life Thanks to the battery ciitacka you should try to remember, where you stowed away your charger – you won’t need it for a while. A single battery charge provides PocketBook Pro with enough power to read 20 standard books, about 14, page turns, or a month of two-hour daily reading.

For your personal reading treasures there is now even more memory available on your device. For information storage from 0. You can read on E Ink display for hours without fearing for your eyesight.

Mark text of interest to revisit or highlight a passage and copy it to your notes vitacka. PocketBook Pro has a built-in Bluetooth 2.

Prehliadač eKníh (čítačka)

This means you can hold your eReader citackz in one hand and easily turn pages. It’s an HTML reader, document reader and ebook reader all in one, both for reading on-screen, or listening when your eyes hurt, malfunction or are busy elsewhere.

Construct listening lists of many articles for uninterrupted listening one after the other.


And when it gets dark: If your Tolino Vision 4 HD accidentally comes into contact with other fluids, simply rinse it off with tap water and let it dry.

The comfort eReader Tolino Vision 4 HD always ensures the pleasant lightning while reading thanks to its clever color adjustment of the integrated reading light.

Voice Network Library Plugin. Upgrade pre Voice nahlas Reader. Perfect for when you’re traveling and have only one hand free, or for reading lying down! Pin-sharp, paper-like display of even small fonts, combined with the benefits of digital reading! Pin-sharp E Ink Carta display Thanks to its improved display, the Tolino Vision 4 HD offers you an even higher resolution and higher contrast screen with less flicker when turning pages. It lets you turn pages simply by lightly tapping the back of the device.

Even more space for your favorite books Multiple eBooks are waiting to be read by you – browse around the clock in the online stores of the o bookstores and download interesting books onto your eBook reader. The device supports Text-to-Speech converter which can read a book to you in 4 languages of 26 available for download at the PocketBook International site. And, thanks to the intuitive interface of voice aloud especially the highlighting function it is easy to back-track if necessary.

The TTS format keeps me on track, because even if I get distracted while listening, the speech continues and I am able to quickly return to the author’s overall train of thought. Water protection by HZO – perfectly protected against moisture E Ink Carta display for pin-sharp typography Reading light with adjustment of color temperature according to time of day Space for all of your favorite books Useful functions – font settings, dictionary, notes and more Tap2flip for innovative page-turning with one hand Long battery life.

There is no limit to the number of notes and bookmarks you can create. It is a great advantage of PocketBook readers that you can assign various functions to nearly every key button of the device: In accordance with the natural daylight the Tolino Vision 4 HD switches cool light in the morning to warm light in the evening.


Lugano, Switzerland, info pocketbook-int. The distinctive feature of this revolutionary technology is a maximum visual similarity with a paper page: Internet connection is being realized via Wi-Fi This way your natural bio rhythm will not get messed up and you can enjoy relaxed reading during the day and at night.

Thanks to the increased storage, you can locally save multiple on your Tolino Vision 4 HD and have them at handy flexibly throughout your day and when traveling.

Gentle to your eyes and glare-free even in bright sunlight, the E Ink Carta display on the Tolino Vision citacks HD delivers perfect reading pleasure. I estimate that your app allows me to read about times more than I would otherwise have been able to read, and has certainly improved my ability to edit my own work.

tolino vision 4 hd – ctecka elektronických knih – 8 – MARKIT

The Tolino Vision 4 HD is ready for anything and optimally protected against water damage nkih to nano-coating. Voice No Ads Upgrade.

Tap2flip – turn pages easily with one hand The tap2flip functionality of the Tolino Vision 4 HD is a unique innovation for relaxed reading with just one hand.

You can read on this e-reader even in the brightest sunlight. Read the User Comment below.

Also, you can switch on a display refreshment mode without fading by activating a proper function in the settings of your reader.