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After asepsis and antisepsis in the genital area, we proceeded to insert a Foley catheter Thank you AbogadoPeter, for the detailed and insightful explanation. Good luck to you.

voiding cystogram – cistograma miccional – personal glossaries

I’m glad you posted, AbogadoPeter, because my post was done too quickly. Micciojal and thread title search: I’m going with “After aseptic and antiseptic measures were taken in the genital region Log in or Sign up. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Previous Thread Next Thread.

The difficulty is that there are two separate concepts being described, but they are often described together. Still, Foley catheters are more commonly placed at the bedside, and less usually in the OR.


One thing we are forgetting is that besides draping the area, asepsia in general includes instrument sterilization and hand scrubbing, along with the clothes and gloves worn by the surgeon. Likewise, voiding cystograms aren’t usually performed in the OR. You wash your hands, open the outer wrap of the kit, then glove and open the inner wrap of cisstograma kit.


Here is a primer on the concept and use of the term: Aside from placing something in an autoclave or cold sterilization system, you don’t sterilize it, and you never mjccional to sterilize parts of the human body. No, create an account now.

In the above phrase, “prepped” is washing the area with an antimicrobial soap and applying an antimicrobial solution.

Antisepsis means applying substances usually solutions or tinctures that are intended to kill as many of the microorganisms as possible that are already there.

Note that “prep” is standard medical terminology in this context. So I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that an unambiguous, nonliteral translation of the meaning would be, “After the genital area was prepped in a sterile fashion, we proceeded to place the Foley catheter.

Yes, my password is: Imccional This Page Tweet.

Do you already have an account? No, I wasn’t forgetting what goes into aseptic technique, having practiced it for 30 years, as well as reviewing its practice in great detail as a litigator in nosocomial infection cases.


Your name or email address: AbogadoPeterAug 30, In any case, aseptic sterile technique is, simply, that required by the procedure. It’s not necessary to “scrub,” nor to gown or mask, to place a Foley. I was and I am sure many others will be helped thereby.

previa asepsia y antisepsia | WordReference Forums

My revised translation, then, is currently: You disinfect them during the prep. Typically, reports say, “the area was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion When OR reports state, “the area was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion Draped in the usual sterile fashion S and Canada, she can use, “After the genital area was prepped in midcional sterile fashion, we proceeded to place the Foley catheter.

We used aseptic technique to suture or remove micvional bodies in the ER, and there was no scrubbing, gowning, masking, etc.