Alisa is still coming to terms with being a blood witch. Longing for a sense of belonging, or understanding, Alisa seeks out her mother’s family. Sweep is a series of young adult fantasy novels written by Cate Tiernan, the first of which, Book Origins, Volume 11; Eclipse, Volume 12; Reckoning, Volume 13; Full Circle, Volume 14; Night’s Child, Volume Cate Tiernan. Series By Cate Tiernan; Books By Cate Tiernan .. Darkest Powers Trilogy: The Reckoning, The Summoning, The Awakening. Kelley Armstrong.

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I love to cook, rock out caate music, and read as much as I can get my hands on. She now has a respect for Alisa, realizing everything. Eventually she makes it to New York Sunday morning. Yasss this series man I disliked Alisa at first in this series but having this book through her perspective was awesome, way better than the book through Hunter’s perspective.

Reckoning by Cate Tiernan | One Book Two

Yeah, I’m a sucker for “Happily Ever After”. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Just as Selene’s magic was about to hit Morgan, Cal appears and steps in front of the dark magick, sacrificing himself for Morgan and ultimately proving to her that he had indeed renounced his mother’s beliefs and that he really did love her. May 30, Erin rated it it was amazing. Alisa feels so real. Stay in Touch Sign up.

Alisa narrates this volume, and is a fairly new character introduced only a few books agoyet I tisrnan the change of perspective. Alisa manages to find out exactly who is behind all the telekinetic events, and ends up being given her mother’s Wiccan supplies.

Posted by Kat Mandu. We don’t always get to have two reviews for each book anymore, but we do our best!


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She holds onto him for everything. Alisa soon reckonung that her half-witch abilities may be the key to defeating the Dark Wave and saving everyone who she knows. Feelings of discomfort and surprise cause many of the guests to leave, but Bree and Morgan decide to stay for the circle. I can reckonng why this was done Alisa has no formal trainingbut it doesn’t exactly make for as good of a read as I thought it would.

It’s a pure joy to read!

So when she returns home and see that all of her belongings have been packed up in boxes, and packed by her stepmonster to be, it is no wonder that Alisa reaches her breaking point and runs away. This book focuses on Alicia, reckoming some odd reason.

They scry, she sees a box of purple. I sincerely don’t want to give this book three stars simply because I can’t stand the character who narrates it, but it’s just too much. She went all out on her dad and stepmom and went to the nearest bus station, ride courtesy of Morgan’s Das Boot.

In Dark Magick Morgan was betrayed by the first boy she ever loved Cal. Morgan goes with Hunter; however, she also wishes to discover more about her birth parents, something which can only be done in New York. I was hoping Evelyn would freak out after discovering that Alisa and Charlie were down in her private library. Rose MacEwan is a Woodbane ancestor of Morgan and is the first person to have created a Dark Wave a powerful piece of dark magick which can destroy entire covens.

Then the embarrassment and the realization of what they’ve done, and how it’ll affect Brigid. Moving onto a more important aspect about Alisa. The council of witches sends Eoife, an elderly witch, to Morgan to ask her for her assistance for the rescue of the Starlocket coven, which the International Council of Witches thinks the mysterious dark wave will strike next.

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Sweep (book series) – Wikipedia

The situation gets so bad for Alisa that she runs away to her Uncle’s house in another city. Morgan begins sleep-walking in life-threatening situations and begins having visions of Cal, who is dead, trying to save her. Unconsciously, she pulls out a book with no title. Shortly after it launched in March ofit exploded! It’s a very beautiful city, and the constant heat and humidity make gardens grow out of control. I think that this is something that many of us have feared.

Sweep Released as Wicca in the UK and Ireland is a series of young adult fantasy novels written by Cate Tiernanthe first of which, Book of Shadowswas published in tiiernan It is sad we don’t see any more Morgan development.

Somewhere, there is a place for me. Alisa is a far more engaging and sympathetic narrator than Morgan, and it’s unfortunate the rest of the series casts her as a secondary character at best. Maybe I was just tired, I’m not sure, but either way it got me more than I expected it would.

They leave the house, along with Mary K.

FictionYoung Adult. Email required Address never made public. There are fears this is Oona’s ghost. However, it’s incredibly safe, and the community is very important to me. Two books left in the series. This explains the ghost. In Gloucester Massachusetts, the cab driver refuses to charge Alisa. Eighth Grade Bites 1.