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The repair and modification or addition of new equipment shall be recorded in a certificate supplied by the manufacturer to the vehicle owner.

The information gathered by the manufacturer shall be sufficiently comprehensive to ensure that in-service performance can be assessed for normal conditions of use. The risk of tampering with and total failures of diesel particle filters DPFs necessitates the monitoring of DPFs, regardless of the exceedance of the applicable OBD threshold limit.

Parameters defining the tailpipe emissions in-service family. Clear and bright, visibly free of suspended or precipitated contaminants. The Forum shall consider whether access to information affects the advances made in reducing vehicle theft and shall make recommendations for improving the requirements relating to access to information.

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The percentage of selected vehicles, which have an IUPR M greater or equal to the minimum value applicable to the monitor according to points 3. Parameters defining the tailpipe emissions in-service family The in-service family may be defined by basic design parameters which shall be common to vehicles within the family.

The effect of those devices, which are switched on permanently during the operation of vehicles, should be appropriately reflected in the measured pollutant and carbon dioxide CO 2 emissions. In this case, the manufacturer shall demonstrate to the approval authority which granted the type approval that the selection is representative e.


Pre-conditioning cycles additional to those specified in points 5. Bi fuelled vehicles may be grouped with dedicated fuel vehicles providing one of the fuels is common. Access to vehicle security features used by authorised dealers and repair shops shall be made available to independent operators under protection of security technology according to the following requirements:.

The criteria for acceptance of a selected vehicle are defined for tailpipe emissions in points 2. Each sample lot shall adequately represent the sales pattern, i.

Annex XVI is catalogus as follows: In the case referred to in the fourth subparagraph Article 14 shall also apply. If two or more specific monitors have identical ratios, the corresponding numerator and denominator for the specific monitor that has the highest denominator shall be reported for the specific component.

Responsibilities for in-service conformity. C 1 H 1,89 O 0, for petrol. Manufacturers shall make available vehicle repair and maintenance information including transactional services such as reprogramming or technical assistance on an hourly, daily, catalogke, and yearly basis, with fees for access to such information varying in accordance with the respective periods of time for which access is granted.

Annex XI is amended as follows: The PID shall be made available via the serial port of a standard diagnostic connector upon brossftte of a generic scan tool according to the provisions of point 6. Where both access systems are offered by brosseette, independent repairers shall choose a preferred access system, either time-based or transaction-based.

The manufacturer shall provide a copy of all communications related to the plan of remedial measures, and shall also maintain a record of the recall campaign, and supply regular status reports to the approval authority. Existent gum content solvent washed. Research octane number, RON.

Since there is currently no common structured process for the exchange 20111 vehicle component data between vehicle manufacturers and independent operators, it is appropriate to develop principles for such an exchange of data. Regardless of odometer reading, the oil and air filter may be changed at the request of the manufacturer.


The test may be rerun and the results of that repaired vehicle used. The identification shall include the following:. This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States. All anti-pollution system components on the vehicle shall be in conformity with the applicable type-approval.

Plates-formes techniques

The approval authority may also take information from surveillance programmes into consideration. Note 1 shall not apply. Any removable calibration memory chips shall be potted, encased in a sealed container or protected by electronic algorithms and shall not be changeable without the use of specialised tools and procedures.

Where vehicle repair and maintenance records are kept in cataloghe central data base of the vehicle manufacturer or on its behalf, independent repairers, approved and authorised as required in point 2. In addition to the requirements set out in Annex II and regardless of the result of the audit described in Section 2 of Annex II, the authority granting the approval shall apply the in-service conformity check for IUPR described in Appendix 1 to Annex II in an appropriate number catslogue randomly determined cases.

EUR-Lex – R – EN – EUR-Lex

For IUPR, the number of sample lots to be taken is described in the table brpssette point 3. For vehicles certified to a ratio of 0,1 in accordance with point 3. Test results shall not be multiplied by deterioration factors.

Data collected by Member States during surveillance testing programmes may be used for in-service conformity checks. The remedial measures catalobue apply to all vehicles likely to be affected by the same defect. Phases 2 to 4. By way of exception, for a vehicle approved to the interim Euro 6 OBD threshold limits of point 2.