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This indicates a fairly high level of random changes in their allele frequencies. The distal third of the valvae of M. The genus Micropterix has been suggested catzlogo represent the sister group of all other mem- bers of the basalmost group of extant Lepidoptera e. Die Lycaeniden der Schweiz. Sample sites of A.

A great deal is known about the internal anatomy and exoskeletal ultrastructure of the adult of this species see section: Kratkij ozor i opredelitelonaja tablitsa vidov roda Micropterix Lepidoptera, Micro- pterigidae palearktiki, part 1. Or is the presence of two scale types the result of hybridization between taxa? ocn


The specimens fly only short distances, but can frequently be found crawling around pollinating many different blossoms. Available in round and oval version in all sizes requested by the market cataloho tyre shops and by specialists in air tubes repairing. Mostra 8 16 24 36 per pagina.

La musique, la pantomime et la danse se char- geront de varier le spectacle, en combinant dans une meme soiree trois plaisirs et trois arts en un seul. Furthermore a series of females from the Dinarian Mountains Croatia probably belong to M. Every now and then males landed in the vegetation, beat their wings swiftly a few times, and continued flying after a while.


Later they are taken to ant nests. cahalogo

Heyne, Die palaearktischen Grossschmetterlinge und ihre Naturgeschichte. Biologie und Morphologie von Micropterix calthella L. Eriocephala atricapilla Wocke, These segments must not be damaged. In all other cases so far investigated only a group of setae is left instead of the tergite. The Biikk populations carried less rare alleles but were fixed for more alleles than the Karst populations Fig.

Phylogeny and paleontology, pp. In the ventral row, the distal thickened setae are strongly modified Y- or T-shapedand the one or two proximal most ones are distinctly separated from the rest of the row. Nous avons fait pour vous ce que nous n’avons fait jusqu’ici pour personne. The examined specimens were found at m eleva- tion.

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The form pallida, probably an early brood, has the band very pale brown; forewing below the central line is distinct and the submarginal line is sinuous. Junior sub- jective synonym. The distribution of alleles with different frequencies between the two geo- graphic regions was compared using generalised linear models.

Terminal papillae consist- ing of two somewhat weakly sclerotized plates forming a band; receptaculum seminis more or less short and stout, the second half like a sac, with typical cata,ogo vestibu- lum a large sac, without any special characters.


There are further similar species in the Sierra Nevada in Spain and in northern Africa, but so far M. In the second run, the fol- lowing levels of the hierarchy were considered: The two axes explained Their ground colouration is more reddish to purple.

Uncus more or less long, slender and somewhat flattened; acces- sory claspers broad, with a row of quite long, partly bent spines at the lower margin as well as with a shorter row of strongly modified, more or less Y-shaped, short thickened setae; valvae long, somewhat spatulate, narrower medially, their ends distinctly bent upwards; at the inner surface with a greater group of basal setae as well as with an cagalogo regular row of shorter spines at the lower margin and a row of long, flexible setae in the centre of the distal third of the valvae.

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Nymphalidae, Satyrinae from the Balkans: Slber — ultra posse nemo obligatur. Spatial dynamics of a patchily omnc butterfly species. The R package for multivariate and spatial analysis, version 4.

Se continui ad utilizzare questo sito noi assumiamo che tu ne sia felice. R Ackery ‘, ‘H. Aricia artaxerxes, however, is only a facultative myrmecophilous species Malicky Andreas Segerer, Munich; Dr.

Female abdominal segments weakly sclerotized, undifferenti- ated. Furthermore, these two species prefer different biotopes.