The BWB XP is the first and only 5 channel flame photometer with simultaneous detection and display of all 5 elements. A high quality and high performance. The all new BWB-XP Flame Photometer offers simple and reliable measurements in Flame Photometry offering the user the capability to simultaneously detect. BWB flame photometers are used for measuring Lithium,. Sodium, Potassium flame photometer. The BWB XP is the first and only 5 channel flame photometer.

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Ease Of Use – Easier to use than any other flame photometer, greatly reduces gwb training which is further enhanced by our extensive training videos. Please contact us so that we can discuss the exact requirements for your laboratory.

General Purpose Flame Photometer!

Flame Photometer : BWB-XP Flame Photometer

Just Add gas – Photometeer other manufacturers who charge extra for vital accessories, BWB include everything required to use the product straight out of the box.

Flow rate of 0. Flame Photometers – unlike any other! A guide to Flame Photometry. We have many specialist flame photometers which have been developed for specific applications, tell us about your application today!


Flame Photometers – BWB Technologies

BWB are a global company with offices in Europe, America and the Middle East and a world-wide network of high quality distributors. Our metal casework provides a sturdy portable instrument and enables future recycling opportunities.

The instrument has a large LCD display, which can be viewed easily from any angle. Built-in Air Compressor – Greatly reduces noise and laboratory footprint flzme increasing instrument stability, accuracy and reproducibility.

BWB XP Flame Photometer – BWB Technologies Ltd

Material Safety Data Sheets for all provided Fluids. The BWB Carbon Footprint is exceptionally low, in keeping with corporate objectives of being a responsible manufacturer. Long term savings – Excellent value for money and very low total flae of ownership. Propane, LPG or butane. Our award winning 5 phoyometer instrument. The BWB XP was designed from the ground up, using new, innovative and photomfter technology to give unsurpassed levels of accuracy, usability and reliability while significantly reducing analysis time.

Certificates of analysis for all provided Fluids. T he BWB XP is the first and only 5 channel flame photometer with simultaneous detection and display of all 5 elements. Selective Analysis – Flame photometry, excludes most elements, which means very little interference.


View our animated brochure.

Propane, butane or LPG. Shipping 62cm H x 55cm W x 47cm D 24in x 22in x 19in. BWB are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with low temperature flame photometry. Our customers do not need to waste valuable time changing filters and re-calibrating when a different measurement is required, as is a common requirement in all other Flame Photometer designs from to the present.

Unlike other manufacturers who charge extra for photomete accessories, BWB include everything required to use flane product straight out of the box.

An independently owned private company with flame photometer manufacturing in the United Kingdom under strict ISO control protocols. No need for internal standards – Saves time and money! ROHS compliant components and materials are used wherever possible. Why buy a BWB Flame photometer over other technologies? Ready to use straight photometeer of the box!

More languages in development. Manuals covering all aspects of the XP FP.