Eur J Paediatr Neurol. Sep;16(5) doi: / Epub Jan Beyond the Burke-Fahn-Marsden Dystonia Rating Scale. Burke RE, Fahn S, Marsden CD, Bressman SB, Moskowitz C, Friedman J. Validity and reliability of a rating scale for the primary torsion dystonias. Download Table | Burke-Fahn-Marsden Dystonia Rating Scale from publication: Early Globus Pallidus Internus Stimulation in Pediatric Patients With.

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Epidural premotor cortical stimulation in primary focal dystonia: Pallidal deep brain stimulation for primary dystonia in children. In a study that included patients with laryngeal dystonia 77 the VPQ had high levels of internal consistency and test-retest reliability. Physiotherapy in cervical dystonia: Sole use of impairment-focused measures, are limited in scope to evaluate outcome following deep brain stimulation, particularly in secondary dystonias.

Pallidal deep-brain stimulation in primary generalized or segmental dystonia. Rating scales for dystonia: The task force recommends five specific dystonia scales and suggests to further validate in dystonia two recommended generic voice-disorder scales. Bilateral deep brain stimulation of the pallidum for myoclonus-dystonia due to epsilon-sarcoglycan mutations: Clinimetric properties The VPQ was found to have good internal consistency mzrsden a study that included a scake range of voice pathologies except for spasmodic dysphonia Eight summary scale scores are generated by summing items and then transformed to a 0— score.

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The BSDI showed high internal consistency and the retest reliability of the single items was adequate 9. Mink Research project conception and execution, organization, manuscript review. Bilateral deep brain stimulation for cervical dystonia in patients with previous peripheral surgery.


Rev Laryngol Otol Rhinol Bord ; The CDQ evaluates also pain, sleep and depression due to dystonia. Results Thirty six potential scales were identified. It was developed to determine the level of disability experienced by patients with different voice disorders Many rating scales have been applied to the evaluation of dystonia, but only few have been assessed for clinimetric properties.

Dystonia rating scales: critique and recommendations

Long-term effect of botulinum toxin on impairment and functional health in cervical dystonia. Eight scales were excluded, because evaluating secondary dystonia, requiring measurement devices, or having no potential use in dystonia.

The long-term surgical outcomes of secondary hemidystonia associated with post-traumatic brain injury.

Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Goetz Research project conception and execution, organization, manuscript review. Works on projects financed by unrestricted research grants for Medtronic, Abbott and Apotheekzorg.

Tom Warner Research project conception and execution, organization, manuscript review. Strengths and weaknesses The VHI is a simple and efficient scale, but as a disability scale, it has no discriminant value and is not specific for dystonia.

The BSDI focuses on disability mzrsden to sight and does not specifically measure dystonic motor abnormalities; it should be combined with a more specific scale that rates the movement disorder.

The CDQ has been used by multiple groups to measure the impact on quality of life of focal, segmental and even generalized dystonia 16 and also as a HRQoL measure to assess responsiveness to treatment-induced changes 60 Long-term clinical outcome in meige syndrome treated marseen internal pallidum deep brain stimulation. A pilot study of botulinum toxin A for headache in cervical dystonia. It is a disease-specific patient-rated disability scale that measures impairment of specific activities of daily living caused by blepharospasm.


GPi-DBS may induce a hypokinetic tahn disorder with freezing of gait in patients with dystonia. The scale has been applied to dystonia patients; criterion 2: Scale Selection Process and Literature Search Strategy We considered all scales and questionnaires that have either been designed or used to rate dystonia, and in addition scales and questionnaires that, based dywtonia literature review and expert evaluation, have potential utility in dystonia based on their content, their widespread use, and clinimetric evidence from studies in patients without dystonia.

Dystonia rating scales: critique and recommendations

Rimabotulinum toxin B effects on pain associated with cervical dystonia: The CDIP is a disease-specific validated questionnaire.

Please review our privacy policy. Scales need to be evaluated in different populations such as in children versus adults, and primary vs. Validity was assessed by checking convergent and discriminant validity as well as the dimensional structure of CDQ; sensitivity to change was confirmed after BoNT treatment Evidence for validity is shown by moderate within-scale correlations Is voice therapy an effective treatment for dysphonia?

However, this scale is specific to craniocervical dystonia, its use in patients with dystonia involving also other body regions may lead to misleading results.

Reliability and validity of three self-reported scales. Sixty Hertz pallidal deep brain stimulation for primary torsion dystonia.