TECHNICAL MANUAL – HOW TO USE. The KLOZURE® Mechanical Seal Technical Manual is designed to facilitate product selection and to give you the most. our design are intended to be fitted in one machine or BURGMANN mechanical seals and spare parts are super finished and repeatedly. Figure Balanced reversed seal for slurries Courtesy of Burgmann industries GmbH & Co KG Figure shows two versions of the same seal design.

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H7N with Super-Sinus spring see page The radial and axial space has been optimized to provide idealconditions for maximum operational relia-bility.

Burgmann Design Manual 15-3

Two variants available, depen-ding on the sealing pressure and shaft dia-meter involved. These seals are designed not to clog even if affec-ted by solid deposits. Plan 12Circulation from thepump discharge,through a strainer andan orifice to the seal.

Substanceswhich without being toxic can cause inflammationthrough prolonged or repetitive directcontact with the skin, mucous membra-ne or eyes. Assembly holes also in accordance with DIN The seal selection takes account ofthe TLV as follows: Single seals according to APIPlan 01, 11,12, 13, 31 buurgmann To prevent bearing oil from con-taminating the gas seal, a further nitro-gen or air buffer “separating gas” isprovided between the bearing and the gas seal.

Typically thisplan is used when the purchaser may use buffer gas in the future. In this case, thedimensions of the H12N rotating unit are modified. Theseseals are rugged and insensitive to solidsin the medium.


Where product leakages tothe atmosphere as well as buffer gas lea-kages to the product are nanual. CGS as a safety sealTandem arrangement with pressure control for media with a gaseous leakage. It is important,therefore, for WEL heat exchangers to be installed in well ventilated places in-doors or, ideally, outdoors. Torque transmission according to DINonly by clamp connections and additio-nal options conform to the code systempage Ask for a detailed brochure.

Burgmann Seal Design Manual

Hazard warnings and reasonsfor recommending a double mechanical seal or quench. Installation proposals can be sup-plied on request. A summary of the rates and the relevant provisions relating More information. Additional features Small overall size Axial and radial bearings with thepump in operation desing are extensivelyrelieved by hydrodynamic centering of desihn screw and pumping sleeve Pumping direction dependent on di-rection of rotation pumping in both directions Not self-priming pump circuit must be vented 1 Three-phase AC motor2 Pumping sleeve, stationary3 Pumping screw, rotating4 Magnet pump rotor5 Solenoid actuator6 Sliding bearing7 Housing cover plate8 Housing flange9 ShaftPumping characteristic with water as mediumTechnical dataCooling water dessign pressure: The entire process gasleakage is discharged via connection “C”to the flare.

Pockets worked into the inner face produce a radial lifting force, auto-matically resulting in a concentric gap of a few micrometers. February Page 1 of 6 Contents 1. To restrict the water jet tojust the cutters actually working the rock, a segmental distributor Item 2 isfitted ahead of the mechanical seal Item 1.

It is ideal for dry-runningapplications. Long series on consumer prices data documentation Long series on consumer prices data documentation The BIS s data set for consumer prices contains long monthly and annual time series for 60 countries.


This seal is used when a neutral buffergas of suitable pressure is available butno flare. Global Finance will name the best foreign exchange More information. Single sealBalancedIndependent of manusl rotationMultiple springsMechanical seals of the H8 and H10range have a short axial installationlength. Certified in accordance withAPI for desing in volatile hydrocar-bons. Quenching fluidsystems are employed: Especially suitable for fans and ventilatorsto seal pure gases.

Monitoring of leakage Separation gas module: All partsare readily accessible for cleaning. It mustbe given due consideration particularlywith special seals. Suitable for hydrau-lic oil. This applies in particular togas supply systems needed to operateDGS compressor seals. U-groovesFor sliding faces featuring U-grooves, theoperating principle is mankal to that for V-grooves, with one decisive difference: Calzada de Guadalupe Num.

GSS systems are equipped withalarm and switch-off points in line with safety regulations.

The average length of the monthly series butgmann close More information. From the lower part of the receptacle, the degassed mediumthen returns to the process while the separated gas can be removed from theupper part. The seal selection takes account ofthe TLV as follows: The ideal combination for suchconditions has proven to be high-strength carbonsrunning against silicon carbide.

QFT Quenching fluid tankmade of transparent polyethylene, com-plete with clips made of stainless steel. Resistant to water, glycerine, glycols andmethanol; not resistant to mineral oilsand toluene.

Unquoted dimensions as for HJ 92 N.