Komarr has two alternating points of view: Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan, on a mission to investigate an accident to the artificial sun of. I recall the first time I read the opening chapter of Komarr as one of the Framing the book with her perspective lets Bujold get right down to. From the Back Cover. Komarr could be a garden — with a thousand more years work. Or an uninhabitable wasteland, if the terraforming fails. Now the solar.

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Vorkosigan’s smile upon the Professor grew genuine, for an instant of time. Both Imperial Auditors arrive at Komarr to investigate a tragic and seemingly inexplicable near space accident involving an ore freighter and the Komarran solar mirror array.

Miles Vorkosigan is sent, in his role as Imperial Auditor to the still-somewhat-rebellious subject planet of Komarr to investigate a space accident or, possibly, act of sabotage that may se Following directly upon the events of ‘Memory,’ ‘Komarr’ still functions as a stand-alone novel.

Komarr (novel) | Vorkosigan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It was handled very well indeed, and despite bijold lack of almost all the other fan favorite supporting cast this time around, their relationship is a fascinating and original one, especially getting to know Ekaterin and all the baggage she brings, as you wouldn’t expect anyone less complex to be a match for the manic, brilliant, but vulnerable Miles Vorkosigan.

One grows tired of leaning komafr and watching Miles pull miracles out of his ass, you know. Vorthys’ engineering background appeared at komarrr blush to be the most vital asset, but when extra parts, including body, were discovered and retrieved, Miles’ unique talents became a necessity.


Komarr [Aug 6, ]. With that much momentum imparted to it by the assorted collisions, it just ripped itself apart.

The gardens in the domes would live, cared for by their human symbiotes. It doesn’t sound nice.

Komarr (novel)

He had a large head set on a short neck, and a faintly hunched stance; the rest of him looked lean but solid. Feb 25, Jon rated it bumold liked it Recommended to Jon by: Sadly no Cordelia or Ivan in this one but Ekaterin more than makes up for it.

Ancient Earthmen, she had read, had taken alterations in the clockwork procession of their heavens-comets, novae, shooting stars-for disturbing omens, premonitions of disasters natural or political; the very word, disaster, embedded the astrological source of the concept.

His seniors mentioned junior guys get the most troublesome job in the most troublesome place.

On top of that, they are staying with the niece of the older partner and her family, which are having some domestic problems and there are multiple tensions in the air.

But whether accident or sabotage, the damage to the mirror impinges quite directly on the Terraforming Project. He is surprised and utterly delighted to discover that Ekaterin has a previously hidden talent for inflicting mayhem on her enemies and has already dealt the plot a fatal blow. Maybe it’s because I’m older and have seen the destruction a dysfunctional relationship can bring to a person in RL and that’s why Ekaterin’s plight hit me so hard.


InBlackstone Audio produced an audio version read by Grover Gardner. Their mutual discovery was slow and the tension was great, and by the end of the novel, still up in the air.

T he last gleaming sliver of Komarr’s true-sun melted out of sight beyond the low hills on the western horizon. Nikolai shot ahead of her. I loved the open spaces at home.

His eyes were brown like his Da’s. The good okmarr is, this world is fictional and things can get fixed, while we don’t have those luxuries in RL: It will be interesting to see how he manages this romance I thought you liked him.

Komarr | Book by Lois McMaster Bujold | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I love Bujold’s books. When she came out again, things had eased, or at least, Nikolai had stopped being so supernaturally good, i.

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Good for Barrayar, though. Komarr [Aug 6, ] 14 32 Nov 07, At least some part of this mess promises to be a show. Miles uncovers an extremely dangerous Komarran conspiracy, one which threatens the entire Barrayaran Empire, and is attracted to Ekaterin Vorsoissonthe unhappy wife of a Barrayaran engineer, though he keeps his feelings hidden.

Actually, I wonder if the underlying practical reason was that an underpopulated world just couldn’t spare her kmoarr.