An indispensable guidebook to the Soul Society, Color Bleach+: The Bleach Official Bootleg takes you behind the scenes in the shadowy world of the Soul. So, after reading the translated Karaburi, it was brought to my attention that Hisagi Shuuhei, wants to impress e of his. Author: Tite Kubo 久保 帯人. Published: ISBN Publisher: Shueisha, Jump Comics. Language: Japanese. Usually at the end of the manga are.

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Sat Feb 16, 9: Kokujyou Tengen Myou-ou Colour of the underside of captain’s robe: Customize your own avatar now! Thread Reply to this Thread Bleaach 1 comment Show 1 comment. From that moment on, he would bring back tea leaves from his mission to the human world to cultivate but the tea plants have not grown well.

Character description The 12th division is the botleg of research and techonology development, in which new technologies and new spiritual power instruments are developed; the positions of both squad captain and department head are held by Kurotsuchi Mayuri.

You’re karabugi, and thank you muchly! Those who disrupt the peace in the world to him are Special Information Top Secret His family is rich. Yachiru also participates in these sessions however, she only eats the snacks given out during breaktimes and after which, she returns to her squad. Translated by Kumanri of NarutoFan Forum. Character description Gathering ruffians who admire Captain Kenpachi, the 11th division is more specialised than ifficial of other squads in terms of combat.


Bleach Official Bootleg Karaburi+

As he is able kzraburi handle all kinds of battles, he is ever-present in important missions. Picture caption Whatever happens and at anytime, Yachiru is always Kenpachi’s supporter. For some reason or another, his younger sister is an extremely pretty girl.

His hobby is making bracelets and he can craft gold. Captain Soifon hailed from the Fon family that specialized in executions and assassinations. With polite mannerisms, she could verbally knock down even the most karaburri people who do not listen to words.

Nevertheless, he does not cease browsing for the newest model of goggles.

Bleach: Official Bootleg KaraBuri+ | Bleach Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Arranges his beard’s ends once per month. I’m planning to translate some of it– The “Teach Me, Shuuhei-sensei!!

Suzumushi Tsuishiki – Enma Kourogi Colour of belach underside of captain’s robe: Nonetheless, in terms of battle prowess, they learn from their captain who is good at everything, thus the overall prowess of the squad members are also quite high. She stores all the treasure that she bought in an empty room in the Kuchiki grounds. Ex-commander-in-chief of the Secret Mission Squad: His future dream oficial to wear a pair of goggles that is designed by himself.

Katenkyoukotsu” Colour of the underside of captain’s robe: Reads every line and character published in the Seireitei Communication Character Description Vice-captain Kurotsuchi Nemu is an artificial entity created from the gigai artificial body technology and gikon artificial soul technology by Captain Kurotsuchi. Kyoukasuigetsu Command to release: Thanks so much for posting this up!

Such mutual visits display their close sisterly bonds.

Likes all kinds of Japanese cuisine. She has a small build, which is a stark contrast to her sister. Although if you’re going to link directly to the 11th division karabuir, I’d appreciate it if you could also provide a link here, to the main link post, since I don’t have return links anywhere else.


Shihouin Yoruichi Personal Data Birthdate: Hleach Byakuya Squad flower: I just read what I could on the plane ride home. Tea session held once a month Speciality: Fujikujaku Character description He is the 5th seat because he thinks that the kanji character “five” resembles “three” the closest. The child prodigy that was the youngest person in history to be made captain.

Thank you so much for this! Previous 11th division offocial – Abarai Renji – Iba Tetsuzaemon 12th division vice-captain: The coat he wears over his Shihakushou Shinigami black uniform is made by himself to emulate the design of the coats worn by the gentlemen that he saw back then.

Special Information Top Secret Due to perspiration, it is kkaraburi must for him to take a bath before turning in to sleep. Shinsou Command to release: Special Information Top Secret The Kuchiki House is built on such a large area that, there is even a stream that flows in front of Byakuya’s personal room, specially for him. He wrote, “The persimmon tree bears fruit. Small iaraburi, as they say. Even with his mild mannerisms, he does not reveal his true intentions making the atmosphere uncomfortable even if he approaches slightly.