Bar Hebraeus, Arabic Ibn Al-ʿIbrī (“Son of the Hebrew”), or Abū al-Faraj, Latin name Gregorius, (born , Melitene, Armenia [now Malatya, Turkey]—died July. Bar-Hebraeus ( – July 30, ) was catholicos (bishop) of the Syriac Orthodox Church in the thirteenth century. He is noted for his works. b. Malaṭīa, ; d. Marāḡa, ), Syriac historian and polymath. See EBN AL- ʿEBRĪ, ABU’L-FARAJ.

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A helpful bibliography and index are also provided. Back What Is the Antioch Bible?

He left an autobiography, to be found in AssemaniBiblioth. Mar Thoma Syrian Church St. Only registered users can write reviews. Ahadabu died and was buried in Seleucia-Ktesiphon. Perspectives on Linguistics and Ancient Languages 7.

At the bottom of the article, feel free to list hebrweus sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. His writing is a valuable source of information not only about the history of the region but also about ecumenical and Hebraeys relations, especially Christian-Muslim relations.

Internet URLs are the best. He was born in Qatar and subsequently lived in present day Iraq and Iran. Be the first to hebraes this product. The names of people are numbered only when they are numbered in the text of Abbeloos and Lamy.

Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. On the cause which made the Mongols lay waste the countries of the Persians, and the other regions which are west of them ET.

Syriac Orthodox Church Back Mesopotamia Egypt Anatolia. The modern dialect hebraeue Turoyo is also examined, and two appendices discuss the traditional pronunciation of West Syriac and the pronunciation of Modern Literary Syriac, and offer a sketch of Turoyo phonology. A History of the Church of the East By studying Christian, Jewish and other sources that deal with the establishment, modification and deletion of boundaries, the authors seek to create a frame of reference that will in turn explain and contextualise the existing evidence concerning communication and interaction between highly diverse groups in Late Antiquity.


Chaldean Syrian Church He was, though, a conscientious pastor, building and repairing churches, visiting some of the most difficult areas of his province and consecrating twelve bishops. For more on the works of Bar ‘Ebroyo, see the list which Roger Pierce has produced here. Thank You for Your Contribution! The requirement hebraeys go to Antioch for consecration was lifted.

Bar Hebraeus was a prolific writer. In he was appointed Maphriyan archbishop of Mesopotamia and Persia. Gorgias Press is an independent academic publisher specializing in the history and religion of the Middle East and the larger pre-modern world. It is a work aimed at immersing the novice monk in the spiritual lore of the monastic vocation, and saturating his mind and spirit with advice and warnings about the pitfalls of aiming to be perfect while remaining nevertheless an imperfect human being.

Bar Hebraeus° (or Bar ʿEbhraya or Ibn al- ʿIbri), Joha-Nan |

Back What Is the Antioch Bible? Preface Introduction Prologue by Bar-Hebraeus List of Chapters Saying of the Greek Philosophers Saying of the Persian Sages Saying of the Indian Sages Saying of the Hebrew Sages Saying of the Christian recluses Saying of the Muhammadan kings Stories of teachers and learned men Saying of the Arab ascetics Saying of Physicians Stories of the speech of irrational beasts Stories of those whose dreams have come true Stories of wealthy and liberal men Stories of misers Stories of men who followed despised handicrafts Stories of actors and comedian Stories of clowns and simpletons Stories of lunatics and demoniacs Stories of thieves and robbers Stories of wonderful events Physiognomical characteristics described Apologue by Bar-Herbraeus Miscellaneous moral exhortations Bar-Hebraeus on the death of John Bar-Ma’Dani.

His great encyclopedic work is his Hewath Hekhmetha, “The Cream of Science,” which deals with almost every branch of human knowledge, and comprises the whole Aristotelian discipline, after Avicenna and other Arabian writers.

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The Chronography of Bar Hebraeus (2-volume set)

Sometimes, Bar-Hebraeus is said to have been given the baptismal name John, but this appears to be heraeus scribal error. Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed.


It lies in the shelter of Mount Sahand 12, feet [3, metres] in a well-watered valley. Back Mesopotamia Egypt Anatolia. Back Mesopotamia Egypt Anatolia. This is a critical edition and translation of the Compendious Commentary in Garshuni that uses all available manuscripts. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

Grammar of Bar Hebraeus with Commentary

Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Back What Is the Antioch Bible?

To these should be added a few translations of Arabic works into Syriac, as well as some treatises written in Arabic. His exegetical and doctrinal portions are taken from the Greek Fathers and previous Syrian Jacobite theologians. An English translation by E. Gorgias Press is proud to publish the first complete English translation of this influential text, by respected Syriac scholar David Wilmshurst. You have no items in your shopping cart. This nickname refers to his Jewish background, which means ‘Son of the Hhebraeus.

We are run by scholars, for scholars, who believe strongly in “Publishing for the Sake of Knowledge.

A modern edition was first published by Fr. Bar Hebraeus has left a large ecclesiastical history called Makhtbhanuth ZabhneChroniconin which he considers history from the Creation down to his own day. However, the evidence for this once popular view is slim. These works have not been published, and exist in manuscript in ParisBerlinLondon, Oxford, and Rome.

I was then serving as bureau chief, and the caller was my boss, the Times foreign editor. The cities of Antioch and Tripoli, where Bar-Hebraeus spent some of his childhood, were Crusader states at the time, so he had some contact with Latin Christians. He was the son hebraehs an apostate Jewish physician, Aaron hence the appellation Son of the Hebrewand knew Hebrew.

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