Just to make sure that I’m not missing a trick here, but I believe it’s not possible to use a WMS as the reference image in AutoSync. Am I correct?. IMAGINE AutoSync Automatically sync multi-date imagery from different sensors or with different resolutions for ERDAS IMAGINE Q&A. Solved: I am going to work a lot of aerial photos I have on my external hard drive. They do not have georeferenced in them. It was scanned by a.

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Do they need to have the same pixel size for both the input and Reference?

Ideal would be erdss source, but even a proprietary software would be OK, if the price is accessible. Apps Finance Smart M. Email Required, but never shown.

Discussions General discussions Smart M. Autosynv Education Smart M. Let me know if you have any question you might have. Hello, in fact I’m working with Agisoft, a wonderful software for a relatively low price almost an order of magnitude lower than similar products. Products Hexagon Smart M. I have different geo-rasters i.

IMAGINE Expansion Pack | Hexagon Geospatial

If possible, even inner distortions should be corrected in oder to match the reference raster. Select the input band to use and the layer to use in the reference layer. Do you need immediate support? Too check how well your images georeferenced, load the reference image and the georeferenced image into the same view and open the swipe tool.


App Analyzer Suite M. For help choosing a model, refer to http: Rest is then just configuration and automation. It addresses all of the topics that you are asking about. This tutorial does not go into the creation of these files. To learn about mosaicking refer to the mosaicking tutorial.

Pixel Size Ideally the reference area pixel size should be the same or higher resolution than autosynnc input image. Choose how many georeferenced points you want. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. However, they do have some tools for residual registration http: How to use batch command in this wizard to georeference multiple inputs along with their respective reference file?

Too much variance higher than a factor of 6 between input and reference resolution will have a negative impact on tie point generation. Reference image area Ideally the reference image should cover the area of interest from your input data. Apps Safety Smart M. Sign up using Email and Password. The approach is based on matching the point clouds, delivering quite good autosynx, but not as good as when matching RGB oder DEM data.


I am going to work a lot of aerial photos I have on my external hard drive. Message 2 erfas 6 Views. It is a brilliant piece of software for certain tasks and if your project fits its scope it makes your life easier. If you wish you can rerun PCA on your original file and only use the first 2 or 3 […] More. If you wish you can rerun PCA on your original file and only use the first 2 or 3 […]. Message 3 of 6 Views.


Ideally the reference area pixel size should auutosync the same or higher resolution than the input image. You will need to learn to model this which is why for the beginner the costly atmospheric correction […] More. Message 4 of 6 Views. Select your input and output files and click ok. This method may not always work and does require that you have accurate imagery to georeference your image to.

I’m was erdws experimenting with orfeo, but I do not get it to work.