Oct 27, Aurangzib ‘Alamgir par ek nazar by Allama Muhammad Shibli Nomani, , Urdu Akademi Aurangzeb Emperor of Hindustan (). Aurangzeb alamgir par ek nazar pdf – Toyota spare parts price list philippines. May 17, علامہ شبلی نعمانی کی تاریخی کتابوں میں سے ایک جسمیں عالمگیر کا. Buy Aurangzeb °Alamgir par ek nazar by Muhammad Shibli Nu°mani (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Aurangzeb Alamgir History In Urdu Aurangzeb Alamgir Par Ek Nazar Biography | Hindi Shayari

Future of the world cannot be built on the policies of Aurangzeb extolled by one and vilified by other section of society. By continuing to ala,gir this website, you agree to their use. He did not interfere with any Hindu religious activities.

But religious policies cannot be studies in isolation and a holistic approach is required. This book presented Aurangzeb as the defender of Islam. Is silsile mein nazam adliya mein beshumar tabdiliyan kien.

In there were more than Mera farz hai ke apni rahat ka khayal sirf is had tak karon jis had tak usay mere riaya ki khushi hasil ho.

He was villain and still remains so for those who suffered and those who harbor ill will for his ever memorable acts. Aurangzeb ne apni taweel takht nasheeni ke door mein zayada waqt mukhtalif mehmaat mein guzara.

Aurangzeb alamgir par ek nazar pdf

No exhaustive details of temple destruction, imposition of jajiya etc is warranted in a small paper meant for a journal. Number of Rajputs did not grow. Manjula Kumar, the well-known director of the Smithsonian, brought her passion and commitment to producing the play that created ripples and got many excellent reviews. Us ki zindagi Islami rawayat ke ain mutabiq thi.


Before this the play had received thunderous applause in Pakistan and India. Hindustan mein khandan mughliya ka azeem akhri tajdar jis ne hijri se hijri tak hukumat ki.

Dara Vis Vis Aurangzeb: Islam and infidelity are two irreconcilable opposites.

Wurangzeb pronouncements, his enthusiasm, his collection of day-to-day information about conversions, his personally instructing the neo-converts in the tenets of Islamic faith, and his ultimate satisfaction at his success together with the information contained in contemporary writings, do show clearly that addition to Muslim population during his reign was substantial.

Wo kehta tha ke Khuda mujhe is dunya mein is liye laya ke mein apne liye nahin balkeh dusron ke liye zinda rahon aur mehnat karon. Cows should be slaughtered to demonstrate the supremacy of Islam. They were specially targeted for the strategy of further conversion in rural areas.

Us ne Islami aqwal aaema ki roshni mein nafiz karne ki koshish ki. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Solution of ever elusive communal problem in India needs less mature Iqbal the author of Tarana e Hindi of rather than mature one of Tarana e Milli of and of later creations like Shiqwa and overpowering of the Mutzalite hard liner ;ar coming down to us through Sir Iqbal and Abu ala Modudi.


The performance of this rite was, in India, the most pa symbol of Islamic domination. His own reign — covers the second half of the seventeenth century and stands forth as a most aurangzeeb epoch in the annals of our country. Musalmanon ko sub se bara aitraz is baat par tha ke Aurangzeb ne sikah par aurangzwb Kalma Tayyaba ke huroof hazaf karne ka hukam diya tha. Dara represented interfaith understanding, peace and harmony and Aurangzeb unmitigated consevatism.

Lekin bad qismati se Kandahar us ke pohanchne se pehle hi Iraniyon ke hath mein ja chuka tha. One thrives upon the degradation of the other.

Aurangzeb alamgir par ek nazar pdf

You are commenting using your WordPress. In that case, according to the premise, that belong to ifs and buts of history the two oceans would have mingled and there would not have been polarization and partition of the country.

Maasir-i-Alamgiri records information sent by Abu Tarab, who had been commissioned to effect the destruction of the idol temples in Amber. This site uses cookies. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Aurangzeb par Hindu kushi ka bay bunyad ilzam lagaya jata hai. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: