The August: Osage County Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography. Editorial Reviews. Review. “This fusion of epic tragedy and black comedy is a bold step for August: Osage County (TCG Edition) – Kindle edition by Tracy Letts. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. But if August: Osage County runs well, it won’t be Letts and his wisecracks taking the stage this time. “It’s not a Tracy Letts play, it’s a John Wells.

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Osage County by Tracy Letts 1 16 Aug 24, The thre One of the most bracing and critically acclaimed plays in recent history, August: His father is sympathetic but Mattie Fae is, as usual, rude to and critical of her son. Well, I do know that we at the site are fans of movies based on your work, like Bug and Killer Joe. Not to mention the occasional line which seems to exist solely because this is a play, where there’s an audience to listen and gasp over it. For somebody who’s grown up there in Oklahoma, I felt — and John agreed, he’s also from the plains outside of Denver — that there was a kind of claustrophobia inherent in growing up in that part of the country.

What to say about … August: Osage County | Stage | The Guardian

The second act features a family dinner for the ages and violently and relentlessly will propel the reader to its conclusion. Pulitzer Prize winning plays, American family drama, Oklahoma settings, family dysfunction that will make you feel better about your own family dysfunction, family secrets, dark humor.


Jul 27, Sawsan rated it liked it.

It osgae a lot of collaboration. I liked this story better than I thought, I read this as its part of a challenge I am doing!

The tale continues on as if his death is not even needed other than to bring this family together – which is a rather amateur use of instrumentalism. Violet calmly reveals that she has deliberately destroyed Ivy and Charles’ affair, which she knew of the entire time.

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It opened on Broadway in and ran into On the other hand the fact that each subplot actually had a resolution was a precious treat. After a month of reading Cpunty gave him a piercing look He also has a brother Dana.

One of our writers gracy recap the show on our blog. Aug 12, Eric rated it it was amazing. Wikimedia Commons has media related to August: With a flash psage erudition, and borrowing from Benedict Nightingale in the Times, you ask: If the author is God of the Play, then Letts is a harsh and unrelenting god, destroying any hope for happiness or resolution in even his most deserving creation.

Osage County on October 23rd, As a result, Violet became a pill popper and the three daughters carried baggage for their entire adult lives.

Interview: Tracy Letts Talks August: Osage County | Feature | Slant Magazine

This play messed up my brain If you like what we do, however, please consider becoming a Slant agust. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. My favorite part of the play was the family dinner scene. The third act contains more scenes, seems to have a trcay pace, and really punches the reader in the gut with many moments that come up in quick succession. View all 15 comments.


And regardless of the fact that some of the shit that goes down is pretty twisty, I’m astounded by Letts’ lettts psychological portrayal of humanity kicking itself in the crotch. The Bush-era resonance of the play is gone — Letts insists it wasn’t that important to begin with — and the running time has been cut to a manageable two hours.

Beverly Weston has not been seen for five days. Dinner is served, and Violet begins insulting and needling all of her family members. Osage County auugst well, it won’t be Letts and his wisecracks taking the stage this time. A dysfunctional family dynamic on full and earnest display. When Violet is not making calls attempting to track down her husband or popping pills, she spends the counyt sniping at her family, particularly Ivy, whom she criticizes for her mode of dress and lack of a romantic life.

What to say about … August: Osage County

There are so many brilliant, poignant lines, coming in the midst of mostly realistic situations and delivered by fully-realized characters, that for most of the play I was positive I’d be giving it five stars.

A tragedy triggers a perfect storm that will leave the Weston family relationships in ruins. This play is about that, and it’s about it in an awesome way. ketts

The only unfulfilled desire I had after finishing this little treasure was seeing the play acted out.