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He have mentioned Malcolm’s name a handful of times, and since I usually like to take notice szpiwg at least a few sources that inspired certain great books, I went ahead and read a few of Gladwell’s books too. Some of the ideas explained in this book are just otherworldly interesting and totally relevant for any technogeek like myself.

It’s basically a fiction novel, following lives of multiple characters from time when they were kids growing up in their respective countries to when the First World War broke out and after.

He’s written another book called Originals, which Atomoey will get to later, but this is totally worth the read.

It’s not your “typical” Michael Lewis read, but more of an account of Internet Boom events. This was a typical John Grisham book.

Sometimes, slightly controversial, but never outlandish, his theories often make you re-think your assumptions about the events of WWII and soon after. I loved every moment agomowy this book.

There is zero justification or sugar coating of the insane ideology that Communism was. This one Saturday afternoon we were sitting in a Polish restaurant yes! I was quite pleasantly surprised, and really pleased having finished the book.


Sowieci, is a second book in a series where he publishes short talks and previously unpublished articles on the topic of Soviet Union and Communism. Phil Haack is no longer a GitHubber. This is a story of a human brain, and how it works. This particular book aims to shed some light on the topics that has been very uncomfortable for both Polish and Jewish people.

The results of this secret intervention were complex and far-reaching. Since then, I am a huge fan of Adam Grant. I came about it from reading Flash Boys see above. Basically it’s sort of a guide to what scientists call the tipping point phenomenon.

Ostateczna Nagroda

Don’t ask me why. I am very much a fan of Piotr Zychowicz. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. This book tells the story of Jim Clark and Internet Revolution. In other ways, however, the hidden hand of American intelligence failed to control its British szzpieg, whose behaviour often frustrated their secretive patrons in Washington. People tend to forget that Communism is easily the most deadly form of oppression that has ever existed, just because at its height it existed alongside Hitler’s Nazi movement.

This time however, it’s a little heavier on Wall Street and the relationship of markets to Silicon Valley. I have read this breathtaking account of inner working of human mind in the process of decision making, and was startled. I love reading Thaler, but Thaler has been clearly borrowing some stuff from these two.

Only after reading this book, do I know exactly what roles dzpieg two men played.


CIA support for such ventures as the Congress for Cultural Freedom and its London-based magazine, “Encounter”, subtly transformed the political culture of the British left, making it more Atlanticist and less socialist.

Skip to search Skip to main content. SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. I think it’s a great shame that we never broached that subject in class. It’s a perfect book if one needs to understand how we came to live in the world so dominated by the atomosy companies from one particular region of California.

It’s not only a great read, but it was an educational one too. David and Goliath is your classic Malcolm Gladwell reading.

The CIA, the British left, and the Cold War : calling the tune? in SearchWorks catalog

Viewport Theme by ThemeZilla. It touches down on a few key ideas behind what it takes to make something take off, or “tip”. I think I accidentally stumbled upon his “Time to Kill”, and I was instantly hooked.

I have basically been reading John Grisham since I was a teenager living in Poland. The way its head pops at Alexa omg https: This is a short book, and tells the story of a few people, young and old, and how Internet has changed their lives, or in some cases how they changed the lives of millions through internet. I think I tackled it in a single day.