Astragalus gombo is a species of plants with 2 observations. ?id= 1 reference. stated in · GRIN Taxonomy for Plants · retrieved. 16 March A water soluble polysaccharide (WSP) was extracted and purified from Astragalus gombo seeds (Fabaceae) harvested in Septentrional Sahara.

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Jones Astragalus cyri Fomin Astragalus cyrtobasis Boiss. Ho Astragalus jodostachys Boiss.

CJB – African plant database – Detail

Jones Astragalus tokachiensis T. Ho Astragalus parvulus Bornm. Xu Astragalus occultus Podl. Jones Astragalus epiglottis L. Gray Astragalus newberryi A. The Journal of Immunology. Jones Astragalus zohrabi Bunge Astragalus zuvanticus Grossh.

Yu Astragalus patagonicus Phil. Simpson Astragalus soxmaniorum Lundell Astragalus spachianus Boiss. Gray Astragalus hamadanus Boiss. Astragalus bossuensis Popov Astragalus bounophilus Boiss.

Astragalus amabilis Popov Astragalus amarus Pall. Framing is brilliant as well as details of the leaves and flowers. Gray Astragalus cutleri Barneby S. Simpson Astragalus yatungensis C.


Astragalus tecti-mundi Freyn Astragalus tegetarioides M. Flora of the Chicago Region: Porter Astragalus hamosus L. There are annual and perennial species.

Astragalus gombo

Ponert Astragalus chodshamastonicus Pachom. Astragalus lorinserianus Freyn Astragalus lotiflorus Hook. Astragalus galiifolius Podlech Astragalus gambelianus E. Jones Astragalus wootonii E. For the ankle bone, see talus bone.

Jones Astragalus luxurians Bunge Astragalus lyallii A. Astragalus fedtschenkoanus Lipsky Astragalus feensis M. List of Astragalus species.

Astragalus gombo Bunge — The Plant List

Astragalus ibrahimianus Maire Astragalus icmadophilus Hand. Astragalus lasiopetalus Gomho Astragalus lasiophyllus Ledeb. Astragalus alaicus Freyn Astragalus alamliensis Rech. Muniz Astragalus limnocharis Barneby Astragalus limprichtii Ulbr.

Barneby Astragalus ionae Palib. Wu Astragalus kuramensis Baker Astragalus kurdaicus Sumnev.

Barneby Astragalus peckii Piper Astragalus pectinatus Hook. Astragalus langtangensis Podlech Astragalus lanuginosus Kar.

Ho Astragalus minutissimus Wedd.