ASTM G154-06 PDF

ASTM G154-06 PDF

Engaged Expert Terry Candlish discusses ASTM G and G tests which are used to evaluate sunlight and moisture exposure. ASTM. ASTM G & G UV Testing. The UV testing was performed on ecomère by Touchstone Labs in Tridelphia, WV, again at the request of Southern . ASTM G – Designation: G – 06 Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Appara.

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ASTM G and G Explained | Element

Element can provide you with critically important data on your product or part’s performance in response to typical or extreme environmental stresses and conditions. Test results can be expected to differ between exposures using devices with?

Our team understands that florescent light has lower correlation to sunlight than xenon arc light; therefore, we generally recommend using the ASTM G fluorescent test to test for interior exposure i. Aging of glass can result in a signi?

Cycle 2 has been widely used for coatings. In xenon arc testing, different optical filters may be applied to shift testing conditions for daylight, window glass, or extended UV spectrum exposure. Warning— Refer to Practice G for full cautionary guidance applicable to all laboratory weathering devices. Other integration techniques can be used to evaluate spectral power distribution data, but may give different results. NOTE 3—Do not mix different types of lamps.

ASTM G154 and G155 Explained

When reproducibility in results from an exposure test conducted according to this practice have not been established through round-robin testing, performance requirements for materials shall be speci? See Appendix Satm for more information comparing the solar radiation data used in the standard with that for CIE 85 Table 4. Very low levels of silica in spray water can cause signi?


The measurement data used to establish these set points was inaccurate, due to an error in calibration on the part of one manufacturer.

Overall, this test involves 21 days of exposure. This short wavelength UV can produce rapid polymer degradation and often causes degradation by mechanisms that do not occur when materials are exposed to sunlight. The glass transmission is the average for a series of single strength window glasses tested as g154-066 of a research study for ASTM Subcommittee G3. Current edition approved June 5, Make an inquiry today. It is recommended that at least three replicates of each material evaluated be exposed in each test to allow for statistical evaluation of results.

It is impossible to recreate nature in the lab. Typically, this is done at 2 nm increments. Cycle 6 has been used for high irradiance exposures of coatings and plastics.

Thermometers shall conform to the descriptions axtm in Practice G The more common may be identi? ASTM International recommends that a comparable material of identified performance a control be exposed at the same time as the test specimen. Cycles 3 and 4 have been used for exterior automotive materials. Test results can be expected to differ between exposures conducted in?

In these special cases, the use of UVA lamps is recommended since the glass or plastic will?

Our Engaged Experts can help you select the best Asmt bulbs for your testing purposes. These conditions are provided for reference only See Table X2. Hemispherical on 37 Tilted Surface. Exposures are not intended to simulate the deterioration caused by localized weather phenomena, such as atmospheric pollution, biological attack, and saltwater exposure.


Element provides both types of tests at our ISO accredited testing laboratories. D The window glass? The particular application determines which lamp should be used. Active view current version of standard. Typically, these exposures would include moisture in the form of condensing humidity. The spray system shall be made from corrosion resistant materials that do not contaminate the water used.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. Different UV bulbs are useful for different testing purposes. Xenon Arc Testing Weatherometers used in the G and G tests approximate performance via intense exposure to the damaging elements in sunlight.

See Appendix X3 for more information comparing the solar radiation data used in this standard with that for CIE 85 Table 4. Further, because there is little longer wavelength energy, the glass-?

Positioning and calibration of chamber air temperature sensors shall be in accordance with the descriptions found in Practice G Originally approved in For instance, satm exposure with no temperature cycling fails to recreate the expansion and contraction stress that materials face in outdoor locations. The lamps shown in this section are representative of their type. When required, provision shall be made for the spraying of water on the test specimen for the formation of condensate on the exposed face of the specimen or for the immersion of the test specimen in water.

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