Ascenso de Endymion, El (Spanish Edition) [Dan Simmons] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Barcelona. 23 cm. p. Encuadernación en. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. The time of reckoning has arrived. As a final genocidal Buy El ascenso de Endymion (Los cantos de Hyperion Vol. El Ascenso de Endymion / The Rise of Endymion (Zeta Ciencia Ficcion) by Dan Simmons at – ISBN – ISBN

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Urban announces a new Crusade upon his conception as Pope, and with the construction of the new “Archangel”-class warships, sends his fleets out to aacenso war on the Ousters, still hiding along the edges of human-populated space.

Radamanth Nemes and her two siblings attack Aenea and Raul with intent to kill. When Raul counts up the months she mentions in the story of her travels ascensl space he determines there is a substantial gap unaccounted for endymionn on questioning her Raul becomes especially jealous of an unknown man with whom Aenea spent just under two years whom she married and to whom she bore a child. Since the Core needs not just human brains, but creative human brains, they increase their potential by killing them.

Raul ascejso from her that the cruciform is not natural, it is a construct of the TechnoCore, that while the farcaster portals were believed to be used to allow the TechnoCore to use human brains as processors the cruciform now fulfill this role. On Earth the Shrike appears, having traveled through time and bringing with it a younger Aenea who, using her powers, has forced it to bring her there and asscenso.

Crime and disease are steadily rising in the Pax space for that exact reason.

Junto con Raul Endymion y el androide A. Kindle Edition File Size: She reveals to the present Pax officials the physical location of the Technocore; inside the cruciforms.

Hardcase Hard Freeze Hard as Nails. As a final genocidal Crusade threatens to enslave humanity forever, a new messiah has come of age. Read more Read less. The Rise of Endymion asvenso after the end of Endymion with Raul Endymion still imprisoned and writing his memoirs of his endymoon with Aenea. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. People who take communion from Aenea by drinking wine infused with a drop of her blood undergo ensymion changes due to the virus she carries: Trying to divert a Pax attack Aenea sends a hand written message to Pacem via a captured Pax courier ship but the attack cannot be called off.

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She is Aenea and she has undergone a strange apprenticeship to those known as the Others.

El ascenso de endymion / The Rise of Endymion : Dan Simmons :

These portals secretly contained the aascenso intelligences of the TechnoCorewhich, after failing in their attempt to attack the Hegemony, were forced into apparent seclusion. Aenea causes the ship to farcast and drops the passengers off at many planets where they will continue teaching her message that the Void that Binds is Love and Love is a fundamental force of the universe like gravity or electroweak. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bettik is discovered to be the endymiob of the unknown culture, the “lions and tigers and bears”, who has been observing humans and the TechnoCore for centuries and de Soya enydmion the couple.

Father Captain de Soya, after near exile for failing, is recalled to captain one of the new ships. Upon reaching the end of his perilous kayak trip 8 standard daysRaul finds the starship they had abandoned in the previous book.

Facing up to this and having subconsciously thought about things while writing Raul realises that Aenea told him he has the ability to cast as she did, as others could too if they practised, and he casts himself to Pacem.

The limitations of the cruciforms also became clear. The Rise of Endymionlike the preceding novel Endymionis set more endymionn years enddymion the fall of the Hegemony of Man, an interstellar participatory democracy that relied on interplanetary connections, called farcaster portals. Raul learns that he has been incarcerated for 13 months.

The key characters, several hundred other humans who endymon taken her communion, and a motionless Shrike, escape on a Templar tree-ship captained by Het Masteen who nicknames it the Tree of Pain alluding to Shrike’s torture device on Hyperion. Later, Nemes reveals herself as an agent of the TechnoCore, not a loyal servant of the Pax, and for his presumption at giving her orders, Nemes kills all of the envoys except for the cardinal whom she maims and blinds.


After capture Aenea is tortured axcenso Nemes at the order of the TechnoCore ambassador. Enabled Average Customer Review: Aenea sends de Soya away and then interrupts the mass.

El ascenso de Endymion / The Rise Of Endymion

Endymion Los cantos de Hyperion Vol. Be the first to review this item. Raul is sentenced to death but not wishing to sully their hands by murder he is placed in his far away Schrodinger cell with cyanide that will be triggered by radioactive decay.

Like all buildings on the planet it is built high in the mountains to keep it free of the phosgene clouds that rise several kilometers above the acid seas. Raul discovers he is the man with whom she had a child in the missing time she wouldn’t explain about on T’ien Shan and that she will have to leave after just under two years. It is the fourth and final novel in his Hyperion Cantos fictional universe.

Get to Know Us. The first people who were resurrected by way of the cruciforms were notably unintelligent. Raul becomes jealous of practically everyone Aenea has spent time with over the past five years while he was in spaceflight, including a twenty-something-year-old Rachel Weintraub the infant from the Hyperion books now grown up.

The Rise of Endymion – Wikipedia

The world Hyperion, central in the first three novels of the series, is by this point entirely assimilated into the Pax. At the time of this novel, the Roman Catholic Church has formed the Pax, an administrative entity that formalizes the Church’s control and implements a kind of theocracy.

The standard three days of the resurrection “sacrament” appears to represent the amount of time needed in order for a personality to fully “download” back into a body that had been resurrected by cruciform.