Shop for Legrand Arteor Switches & Sockets available in White,Graphite and Pearl ure your custom wall socket layout with Legrand Arteor. Arteor Cover Plate 1 Module – Pearl Aluminium. Cover Plate. R incl. R incl. VAT. Legrand Cover Plate 1 Module Horizontal – Mirror White 10(1) 60(2). Main controller. 3 x W. Particularly suitable for controlling lighting environments in conference rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants.

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Arteor: customizable switches and variances – Legrand

And once again, Arteor is showing the way. Legran unique selection of finishes with a quality standard which accepts no compromise. This international approach enables it to fulfil local market requirements with specific solutions, designed to match local installation habits.

Versatility makes Arteor the ideal choice for any project, anywhere in the world. Arteor makes things cosy for you. Create the right atmosphere for any occasion at a single touch: Arteor always makes you feel welcome when you come home.

Online e-Catalogue Instructions, technical data sheets, certificates of conformity, catalogue page Visit the Arteor virtual House. New power for your ideas With Arteor, the universal range of wiring accessories, Legrand sets new standards in versatility and ease of use.

The range features 17 finishes — from the simplicity of molded white plastic to refined materials such as Galuchat or Woven Metal.

Its exibility is by no means limited only to the shape of the Of course, the Arteor range includes the usual hotel dedicated functions. Arteor Exclusive An individual touch for your projects. Menu Investors and shareholders Shareholders’ corner Shareholders’ corner – home Becoming a Legrand shareholder Shareholder guide Shareholders newsletters Dividend Questions and answers Contact us.


All stand-alone control functions are available in two shapes of rocker – round or square – and in two colours – white or magnesium.

The new comfort features such as the display thermostat or the 8 push-button control allow the hotel operator to offer guests even more personalised service so that they enjoy comfort just like at home. Hotel Solution Increase Customer Loyalty From the entrance of the hotel room to the bedside table – Arteor solutions for the specifics needs of the current hotel industry are designed to legrnd customer comfort. Arteor Exclusive is a new collection of finishes that legrznd been created to give the finishing touch to extraordinary projects.

Moreover, all blinds and the alarm Where to buy Search for your local distributor by location and product range. Open the catalog to page 4. Lighting management and emergency lighting.

Arteor has a solution even for this: Socket Outlets Truly International Arteor has been developed as an authentic international lgrand. It spans from wiring devices through to home automation solutions.

Legrand Live

Find out more… 0? The new graphic user interface follows the logic of User Centered Design: Minimalist and sober design.

My Home access control. The extended range today offers a choice of round and square rocker plates not only for stand-alone functions but also for home automation devices. High efficiency power transformers. Arteor legeand the innovative answer to the increasingly complex requirements in the building business all over the world.

Menu Investors and shareholders Integrated report After that it will gradually fade for one hour until it goes out completely. Vast choice of colours and authentic materials The range features 17 finishes — from the simplicity of molded white plastic to refined materials such as Galuchat or Woven Metal. Letrand Arteor your ideas become reality. ARTEOR The range reaches from wiring devices, through innovative radio automation solutions up to fully networked home automation in a unique aesthetics.



Luxurious Living

Menu Careers Our jobs, talent management and staff development Our jobs Talent management and staff development. Arteor offers a wide range of choices of ergonomics and finishes to satisfy the most demanding customers. Much more than just a wiring accessory, Arteor is the ideal choice for any residential or commercial project.

From the simplicity of white moulded plastic to the sophisticated artfor of woven metal, Arteor offers an array of stylish finishes that flow from its modular wiring accessories range through to automation devices. With Arteor there are no limits to arrteor imagination of creative designers. Menu Investors and shareholders Annual report and registration document Arteor is the innovative answer to the increasingly complex requirements of modern buildings all over the world.

Leggand the catalog to page 5. Open the catalog to page 2. Arteor wiring accessories Versatility, style and functionality make Arteor the innovative answer to the increasingly complex demands of modern buildings.

Open the catalog to page 9. Different moments of the day follow different patterns. For the latest updates from Legrand, simply complete your details below.

Visibility drives savings New legal requirements and increasing environmental awareness have created a trend towards more responsible use of energy and resources. Mosaic and healthcare buildings.