Ron Herron’s Walking City is one of the more recognizable Archigram designs from the s, and has been influential to architectural theory. They include Walking City, a peripatetic giant reptilian structure, Living Pod a minature capsule home and Instant City, an airship containing all the cultural and . Traversing the ocean, the units of Herron’s Walking City represent a kind of technological utopianism—military submarines are combined with insectlike.

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For Cedric Price, an architect who shares concerns with Archigram, the parts of the Walking City were living creatures that “roam the globe forming and reforming. Traversing the ocean, they represent wakling kind of technological utopianismmilitary submarines are combined with insect-like exoskeletons and periscope legs.

Archigram’s Walking City: A 60’s Architectural Vision of the Future

The Walking City Herron is the creator of one of the group’s best known and celebrated projects, the walking city. For access to motion picture film stills please contact the Film Study Center.

It provides a new agenda where nomadism is the dominant social force; where time, exchange and metamorphosis replace stasis; where consumption, lifestyle ciy transience become the programme; and where the public realm is an electronic surface enclosing the globe —David Greene [5]. If you would like to reproduce text from a MoMA publication or moma.

Linked by a superstructure of retractable corridors, they form an instant and itinerant metropolis that not only walks but adapts to endless change. It encouraged wlking to think about what we really needed from architecture, and about whether the conventional approach was providing us with optimum solutions. The firm built the acclaimed Imagination Headquarters in London and were involved in the design for Canada Water station.


Walking the City: Guest Post: Archigram’s “Walking City” Concept

Individual buildings or structures could also be mobile, moving wherever citj owner wanted or needs dictated. They all shared the aim of challenging an architectural establishment they felt had become reactionary and self-serving.

Sadler, op citp.

S transcontinental railroad, a mobile town of support personnel, restaurants, saloons, and various recreation facilities laundry, gambling, dance halls, etc.

Each unit of the city contains a comprehensive set of urban resources. Its hot air balloons that deliver cith thrills to rural areas evoke comparisons with Jules Verne, early science fiction and Victoriana.

Ron Herron – Wikipedia

By the early s the strategy of the group had changed. An aircraft carrier could be considered a walking city whose primary resource or function is that of an aircraft maintenance, supply and launching center which moves about the globe fulfilling its function where it is most needed while stopping occasionally for resupply Glassco, Retrieved 26 January On now and coming soon Exhibitions Displays Courses.

The form derived from a combination of insect and machine and was a literal interpretation of le-Corbusier’s aphorism of a house as a machine for living in. Traversing the ocean, the units of Herron’s Walking City represent a kind of technological utopianism—military submarines are combined with insectlike exoskeletons and periscoping legs.

Archigram’s influence can be seen in the work of world-class architects: More information is also available about the film collection archigrma the Circulating Film and Video Library. The context was perceived as a future ruined world in the aftermath of a nuclear war.


The use of magazine ephemera creates the aesthetic of advertising; Archigram promises alcohol, cars, dangerous stunt shows and pretty models to an entranced audience. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Herron, a founding member of Archigram, the British group known for its admixture of science wlaking and pop culture, created Walking City out of an indefinite number of giant roaming pods containing different urban and residential areas and resources. Instant City [ edit ] Instant City is a mobile technological event that drifts into underdeveloped, drab towns via air balloons with provisional structures performance spaces in tow.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The works of Archigram had a neofuturistic slant being influenced by Antonio Sant’Elia ‘s works. Installation views We used machine learning to identify this work in photos from our exhibition history.

Ron Herron was born in London on 12 Augustto a leather-working family. For licensing motion picture film footage walkong is advised to apply directly to the copyright holders. In recognition of the group’s substantial contribution to international architecture, Archigram was arfhigram the RIBA Gold Medal in on the strength of its conceptual ideas. If you have additional ciyy or spotted an error, please send feedback to digital moma.