Arcana Arcanorum: Cagliostro’s Legacy in Contemporary Magical Movements Massimo Introvigne Center for Studies on New Religions Alessandro di Cagliostro. Hence ARCANA ARCANORUM, the Playing-Card Tarot, was born. If medium is not the message after all, then why not use a very simple, easy-to-understand. Welcome to Arcana Arcanorum. The Art of the Possible. New Theory of the Elements: A new theory of the ancient elements, combining earth, fire, air, and water.

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Francesco Brunelli, I riti egizi della Massoneria.

Arcana Arcanorum: The Art of the Possible

This paper is aimed at tracing the shadow of Cagliostro ia the history of modcrn occult societiesand groups, aad at showing aarcana readhg Cagliostro could still be of relevancefor cotrtemporaryoccultscholars. For most esoteric traditions not all men are immortal. The ideologies of Martin de Pasqually and agliostro are, however, very close when dealing with the soul of Man and his reintegration with the divine.

At this point it is necessary to say a definitive good-bye to the historians and to those who spend their time m hbraries. In this arcanoru, legacyis still alive. Llewellyn,pp.

University of Notre Dame Press, Marc Haven, Le Maitre inconnu Cagliostro. From this perspectivca large portion ofcsoteric thought cao be consideredthe exact overturtritrg of materialism describd by Lenin arcxna Materialisn atd Etnpiriocriticism, whc! It may be said that the preceding degrees are merely a training ground for those things which are taught in the Arcana Arcanorum.

Todaymanyexponentsofthemagicalmovemeots-who aremore or lessinouenccd by Jung–io not have any srcanorum admittiog tlat thcir ovocations ofgods and angclsbriog about, in reality,the “inner self,”or, perhape,tle “collcctive unconscious”ofthe group. The degrees of the Arcana Arcanorum are the culmination of the Masonic Wisdom, as well as the teachings of the Ages.

The latter,through its FraternitasRosicrucianaAntiqua F. Brunelli, Iriti egizi, p. Help Center Find new research papers in: Although Kremmerz was a “notorious” occultist, he has a lot of interesting material to offer. At that time Malta was a center for Xrcanorum, and other esoteric cults and the Arcana Arcanorum. See Massimo Introvigne, U cappello del mago. In this paper I have madc referencc for thc most part to male rituals. Not unlike Swedenborg and his Masonic colleagues in London who assimilated their sexual theories into a special order of Freemasonry, the “Royal Order of Heredom of Kilwinning” or “Rite of Seven Degrees.



Welcome to Arcana Arcanorum

The abbreviation with three points forming a triangle following the initials is typical of esoteric societies; A. The origin of these techniques is uncertain. This is thc tcrt ofMs.

They were originally adapted and incorporated in the Mizraim-Rite in Italy, in the beginning of the 19th century. This work’s valuc is that it perfcctly gathcrs the duplicity ofltaliao EDlighrctrmcnt. They may be good at working in the archives and in pulling forth the various treatises which arelost and full ofdust.

Bedarride, despite his control of the Rite, and work in expanding its degrees, was never admitted into the Arcana Arcanorum. But it is Dot impossibleto clarifyit.

Joly, however, was such a Mason. But it is not impossible to clarify it. See Daaccrs to the Gods. Egyptian Masonry tends to focus on Alchemy a word which means Egypt, Al-khemi or Land of Khemneo-platonism a philosophical movement that started in Alexandria, Egipt and the Kabbalah. Zur Idecngeschiscbtc des Ufo-Glaubens Freiburg i.

Histoire de Jacob Frank et du mouvement frankiste Milano: The Arcana Arcanorum is a elite Rite that goes back to Atlantis. It is likely that in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, this system was exclusively Chaldean-Egyptian. The Gnostic Movement founded by Weor, which emphasizes a tantric technique based on coitus reservatus, counts among its followers divided in three main branches by subsequent schisms some tens of thousands and which today has a good following in Europe.

Trying to simplify his viewpoiut, which is c. The mysteries of the Arcana Arcanorum were probably an early addition to the Rite and almost certainly of Italian origin. All of these rites owe to Cagliostro most if not all of their rituals and doctrines. Journal of Alternative Religion and Culture 1: In rnostmodcra forms ofspiritualism,particularlyin tie Califomiaochanneliqgpopularizedby ShirleyMcLaine,thesourcesofthe “channeled” messagcalp often related to concaptsof cootomporarypsychology.


AgaF, l9E9pp. The Rite itself claims that the secrets of the Arcana Arcanorum are derived from Egypto-Hellenic Hermeticism and the verbiage of the Rite is decidedly pantheistic.

He took this term from the original Rosicrucians of the 17th Century, but his corpus consisted of descriptions of magical practices that stressed “internal alchemy,” so it goes. Les Amis du Prince Noir, This would have created a situation where the exoteric Masonic frame began to replace the inner esoteric magical and alchemical work of the Arcana Arcanorum of the Rite until the esoteric nature had all but vanished as fewer and fewer Lodges were established or overseen by members who were participants of the mysteries of the Arcana Arcanorum.

Each of the stages of alchemy found its correspondence in the body of the follower. Oaly those who are successfulin separating the “part of light” from thc wickod mixturc in which it is combined with thc matcrial part are able to createa “body of glory” which will assure them immortality.

In fact, we have found to date no official organizations and other traditional Masonic holding the entire system, the majority not even knowing the actual content of A. Matter is a philosophical categorythat from thc poiot of view of epistemology, is defned io opposition to thc spirit. The sword of Cagliostro separated theurgical from alchemical arcaa, codifying a distinction that remains substantially unaltercd in contemporary movements.

Lctntatnorfosidella ragioac bcl t2rdo Sctt Dto italiaao Roma-Bari: However, Brunelli was not incorrect when he argued that “numerous initiates stili practice them even in our day. In otherversioosstudiedby Eliade,the techniqucconsistsof mcditating-for example experimentingwith diflerent colors of light–luring sexualintercourse.