AR 638-2 PDF

AR 638-2 PDF

CARE AND DISPOSITION OF REMAINS AND DISPOSITION OF PERSONAL EFFECTS. Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering AR Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects [ United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on.

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The transportation allowance provides reimbursement for expenses incurred to move the remains to the place designated by the PADD.

Army commanders taking part in recovery, identification, processing, and shipment of remains and related activities will telephone all actions taken and status of the situation to the supervising zr and CDR, HRC AHRC—PDCat 1— —— commercial or — DSNas developments ra.

Ensure the internal control evaluation see app I is completed annually. Relinquishment of disposition authority. Each completed case will fall into one of the categories shown below. No funeral or interment expenses are authorized for day release from active duty Soldiers who are retired, sep. Internal Control Evaluation, page A transit or burial permit. Embalming Kit with components. Remains will be placed in a transfer case or casket, as applicable.

Authorized eligible relatives of aar deceased Soldier are authorized round-trip to travel at DAFB to 6638-2 the dignified transfer of remains of a Soldier who died while in a theater of combat operations.

However, in some instances, the assistance of Army installation authorities may be solicited. Authorized and unauthorized memorial expenses applies only to non-recoverable remainspage 7 Table 1—5: These facilities are established to provide mortuary services for eligible deceased personnel when local commercial mortuary services are not available or cost prohibitive.

Insignia of grade will be ag with the highest active duty or Reserve commissioned officer or warrant officer grade attained by the deceased. Table 2—1 will be used to determine the authorized benefits for an eligible decedent. An employee who is AWOL at the time of death is eligible for mortuary benefits.

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Clergy fee or honorarium. Casualty Assistance Center chief. Person authorized to direct disposition of human remains. This will be done under standards outlined in appendix B. The Army will comply with a civil court order providing control or custody of the remains to a. Federal statutes, 37 USC f authorize 638–2 Army to provide funeral travel to enable certain persons to attend the funerals of Soldiers who die while on active duty or inactive duty for training. Numbered seals should not be used in serial sequence.

Authorized clothing for burial of eligible decedents is as follows:.

Inspecting and reprocessing remains at the continental United States port mortuary. A uniform with accoutrements or civilian clothing will be provided with appropriate underwear see para 2— As required, the AFME assigned by the Office of the Secretary of Defense will dispatch personnel to the scene to assist the Criminal Investigation Division CID in the conduct of the investigation, the installation commander will provide support to CID and law enforcement conducting the investigation and recovery.

A civilian death certificate is required for all deaths occurring on a U. Illustrations of military emblems, page Dignified transfer of remains travel.

Eligible deceased zr to services in an Army mortuary. Final divorce or annulment decrees issued by a civil court are required to disqualify a spouse as the PADD. Preparation of remains under Army Mortuary Services contract.

AR Army Mortuary Affairs Program

Transportation, storage, and billing for remains consigned directly to a U. Chapters ae, 12, 13 6, An eligible relative is defined 63-82. Cost of transportation and per diem for escort of remains. Mortuary affairs benefits for military personnel are located in table 2—1.

Therefore, ITAs will not exceed authorization for 2 days of per diem and the time necessary to travel to and from the event. One visitation, not to exceed 2 hours, is authorized.

Amounts recovered for mortuary affairs expenses will be deposited into the U. When death occurs while the individual is in the custody of the SA. Indigent persons and unclaimed remains see para 2— An interment allowance is authorized to assist the PADD with defraying costs of funeral.


Photographs taken for official use will not be used for public relations articles or otherwise publicly or privately displayed without the approval of CDR. As expeditiously as possible after the remains have been identified by competent authority. When cremation is authorized.

AR 638-2 Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects

Any person not otherwise covered by this section and mortuary services are specifically requested by the Department. List of mortuary supplies and equipment, page If no one person described in paragraph 11—2 c 1 through 5 is provided travel and transportation allowances, the travel and transportation allowances may be provided to no more than two other persons closely related to the deceased Soldier and who are selected by the PADD.

A person who would qualify as a dependent under paragraph 2—14 fbut for the fact that the date of the final decree of divorce, dissolution, or a of the person is on or after 1 Aprilexcept that the term does not include the person after the end of the 1-year period beginning on the date of that final decree.

Family car for immediate Family see glossary. Information concerning identification or shipment of remains will not be released to news media before—. Mortuary affairs expenses may be recovered when a Soldier dies from injuries and is interred at 63-82. When the deceased person has full siblings, half-siblings, or step-siblings; the order of precedence is the full siblings by seniority then the half-siblings by seniority.

Instructions for preparing DD Form are on the form.

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