Distribution & Habitat: Anthurium andreanum is a spectacular South American perennial epiphytic plant, which produces dark green, glossy leaves about 23cm . Anthurium Andreanum. Anthurium cm (high). Put in a little and get back a lot! Light: Medium: Soil can dry out moderately between watering. Watering. Anthurium, flamingo flowers are evergreen plants and adorn every room with Anthurium andreanum . With good care, the anthurium will grow and flourish.

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Root rot shows the following symptoms: As antuhrium evergreen, persevering plant, she is an asset for every room — especially if she develops her beautiful spathaceous bracts.

It should also be without a too high chalk content.

Firstly, only the strong sprouts will be chosen. It may extend out flat or in a curve. This tropical plant enjoys a harmonic climate.

Rodriguesia 56 88 If temperatures dip below freezing, they will not survive. Archived copy as title Articles with ‘species’ microformats All stub articles. The anthurium can be placed in the bed room as most people enjoy cooler temperatures in their bed rooms compared to their other rooms. The fruits develop from the flowers on the spadix. Also, the bath room would be suitable. Maintain higher anthurihm intensity as long as leaves do not develop symptoms mentioned in excess of light.

Who’s Online 0 Members. When long and strong roots have finally developed, the new flamingo flower may be planted. At the same time, she cannot tolerate neither draft nor dry heating air.

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If temperatures dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, these plants will yellow and grow very slowly.

You can anthuriumm guess: During winter the surface of the substrate may dry out from time to time. When this happens, small, transparent fruit develop which can be used for seeding.

But if she does not produce any of the bright red spathaceous leaves, the place is too dark and should be changed. Then the plant will be inserted and more substrate will be filled in and pressed. The humidity is good for the flamingo flower. This is one of the few plants that can move its leaves toward or away from the sun another heliotrope is the sunflower. They anfreanum juicy berries varying in color, usually containing two seeds.

Anthurium andraeanum – Wikipedia

The few, thin roots can only save a little anthkrium, creating the reason why a harmonic ratio of high humidity and watering is ideal. Grow in a warm, humid greenhouse or conservatory, mimicking the conditions in a rainforest. Therefore, it is advisable to repot annually. Insecticidal soaps work well on the soft insects, but scales may need a anthuurium insecticide.

Eventually systemically infected plants die. Afterwards, water well and let excess water drip off. Orchids and flamingo flowers are from the same habitat and thrive as epiphyte in a similar manner. Prevention is always the best control of a soil-borne pathogen. Anthurium andreanum is one of the plants listed in the NASA Clean Air Study as effective in removing formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and abthurium from the air.


Blight and fungus are diseases that can possibly affect your flamingo flower plant.

Anthurium – Wikipedia

Snip out central flower to prolong the life of the colorful spathes and to avoid pollen on tabletops. This plant is originally from wet tropical mountain forests of Central and South America, so it does best in warm, wet climates.

Finally, the draining of the water is important, so that the roots do not stand in water. Now, it can take a andreaum of weeks until the first roots develop. This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat Maranta leuconeura kerchoviana Gibasis geniculata. She will also become vulnerable for pest infestation such as mites.

Anthurium Andreanum – The flamingo flower – Picture of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

This is preferably done through separation. Lower leaves become yellow and develop brown tips that gradually enlarge. They may take a long time to enlarge but eventually they can encompass the entire leaf margin, invade the center of the leaf and even cause leaf abscission.

Anthurium andraeanum is a flowering plant species in the Araceae family. Anthurium andreanum needs high humidity and warmth to thrive, so it does better indoors in temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Retrieved from ” https: Mexico and Middle America. No flowers on the lateral shoots.