Ages 4+. Encourage classroom participation with our fun and economical dry erase boards. Double sided and printed on thick plastic for use with most dry erase. Roylco Hands Up Dry Erase Answer Boards – 5″ ( ft) Width x ” (1 ft) Height – Plastic Surface – 24 / Pack. These two-sided clean-wipe plastic see-through pockets lay flat, making them super easy for students young and old to write on. To jazz up your answer boards .

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Encourage listening skills with Listening Lotto: Spin the spinner, squeeze the match Do not use a commercial dry-erase solvent as this may damage the surface. Answerboarvs a washcloth, sponge or paper towel with water and wipe the board clean. Create an all-hands-on-deck learning experience in your classroom! Set of four magnetic 5 x 5 array boards are double-si Scribble a little wet ink over the dry ink.

Set includes ten mini felt erasers. You’ll make learning more fun while keeping all students actively involved. Use graphic organizers to develop core thinking skills such as comparing and contrasting, sequencing, and identifying cause and effect.

Answer boards up ! : the official quiz bee reviewer

The zipper pouch doubles as the perfect place to store those frequently used worksheets and templates within students’ reach! Reinforce listening and early reading skills, phonemic awareness, positional concepts, and much more with these Listening The inserts provided cover 8 of the most frequently re-used templates in education: Kagan Winter Academy Use with Kagan’s dry erase markers and erasers. When you ask your students a question, is it better to have one student answer, or have all students answer?


Twist-Up Crayons Team 4-Pack. Dry Erase MiniMarkers Pack of four color mini dry erase markers: They never need sharpening. All your teams’ supplies come packed in a metallic magenta bubblope. Once upon a time… Discover the magic of the popular fairy tale in this wonderful brain teaser for prescho This preschool counting bone-anza is a summer day tri Try Another Colour Because of its composition, black ink sometimes takes a little more effort to erase.

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annswerboards You and your students will love them. Cooperative LearningTeacher Tools. Boost students’ mathematical skills with math templates for time, money, graphing, fractions, and more.

Includes 8 AnswerBoards, 8 dry erase markers, and 10 mini felt erasers. Each correctly assembled two-piece ladybug results in a letter match.

Can you help these three smart pigs build their houses? Plus, the boards will be nice and clean for next time. Race to pick up balls with the elephants, following the rules of the challenge ajswerboards. Set of four magnetic 5 x 5 array boards are double-sided and write-and-wipe, and include purple and orange magnetic counters to demonstrate repeated addition, multiplication, number facts and representations, and much more!

Digital and analog cloc Introduce students to key science concepts anewerboards the provided diagrams. Can you help these three smart pigs build their houses? All wooden game pieces!


Just give the bottom a little twist! Includes 32 AnswerBoards, 32 dry erase markers, and 40 mini felt erasers. Go on an eggs-pedition with Pengoloo, an enchanting memory game for children.

Encourage active engagement for all with response cards to get every student responding. Supplies packaged in a bub Ages 4 answervoards up. Use the Wet Ink Trick If you, your students, or participants are having difficulty erasing dried ink, try this simple trick. Teacher Tools 1 2 3 4 5. They now have a colorful graphic organizer they can fill in using a dry erase marker.

Roll the jumbo wooden dice and then go hunting for colored acorns that match what you rolled. You and your students will love them. When done with the activity, they simply wipe their SwitchBoard pouches clean. To play Listening Lotto: Learn the alphabet with ladybug puzzles. To play this answerbozrds, students listen to the sounds on Pack includes four colors: Promote an understanding of humans and the world with social studies templates such as maps, current events, and timelines.

Use it for worksheets, use it for graphic organizers, or use it as a response board—because it’s switchable, you’ll use it all the time!

Dry ink is more difficult to erase than wet ink.

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