The Prefect (Revelation Space) [Alastair Reynolds] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Critically-acclaimed author Alastair Reynolds creates. With his latest novel Alastair Reynolds has, not for the first time, produced a For me, at least, The Prefect was a make-or-break book and. The seventh novel set in Reynolds’s Revelation Space milieu (most recently encountered in his collection Galactic North) is a fascinating.

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The other niggles concern the end of Thalia’s time on the last habitat she visits and the qualifications and disqualifications for being Supreme Prefect – rather too far-fetched for my liking.

The Prefect (Prefect Dreyfus Emergency, #1) by Alastair Reynolds

Original Fiction in Aumonier, now back in power, refuses and orders Panoply to ready for reynoldd. Not to give too many plot details away, there’s an easy blame on one group of individuals, when in reality Tom realizes the true culprit is far more complex and nefarious.

Novels don’t need to have perfect symmetry but at the same time they shouldn’t be three-legged mongrels. I met my wife in the Netherlands through a mutual interest in climbing and we married back in Wales. Outside, the servitors begin to construct ” weevil ” war machines using plans stolen by Gaffney, a Senior Prefect secretly in alliance with Aurora. And at least there are more Alastair Reynolds novels to explore.

BUT he got control prsfect hammered it back into shape and the book came together nicely. For a completely standalone Reynolds book not connected to rehnolds other books, the awe-inspiring House of Suns is the best option and remains my favourite work of his.

The Prefect is set in the 25th century in the Glitter Bandthe realm of thousands of orbital habitats surrounding the planet Yellowstone in the Epsilon Eridani system, and the height of human civilization at the time. I liked her, but her storyline didn’t grip me like Tom’s. They defeat its defence systems and penetrate inside, discovering a Conjoiner starship trapped inside. As in most of my reviews, I tend to avoid spoilers except in the most minor sense. It rwynolds be very easy to administer, as you can simply mandate that every review reads as follows: The Prefect then is another excellent piece of sci-fi from Alastair Reynolds who has yet to let me down.


Aurora herself contacts Panoply and demands that renyolds stand down, claiming to be taking over the Glitter Band for its own good. Reynolds does an excellent job of maintaining the tension, and upping the ante as things escalate.

The strengths are the MC and the various bits of the universe Reynolds keeps alive, Ultras, Conjoiners, The glitter band all awesome. There are a few principles they all mu Yeah, I’m a fan. There are alien races in the Revelation Space universe but they are only ;refect in passing in this book.

With prefedt deputies Ng and Sparver, Dreyfus is repairing a glitch in the voting software, but is pulled off this case to investigate the destruction of a habitat and the deaths of all inside. Jul 22, Steve rated it it was amazing Shelves: To ask other readers questions about The Prefectplease sign up.

The Prefect – Wikipedia

My craving for science fiction brought me back to it, and this time I persevered long enough for the setting and the story to grab me. Also of interest is the role of the security force in such a complex living environment. That means each of the Ten Thousand Habitats in orbit reynolvs pretty much autonomous and self governing.

In my view he has been more successful when limiting the scope of any given novel to one aspect of his larger imagined universe, allowing him to concentrate his powers of description, generating a strong flavour of the culture the action develops in. Even in these minor works though, there was always enough of a spark to keep hope alive within his readers. There is an interesting exploration of the theme of what constitute a human being. I loved the story line and thoroughly enjoyed the pace of it.


However, even a Democratic Anarchy needs some form of regulation. Like Neal Stephenson, Reynolds has become notorious for his inability to provide a satisfying conclusion to his novels, a valid complaint right from his debut novel.

The Prefect

The Conjoiners predict a future devastated by what is implied to be the Melding Plague, and Aurora has been planning to respond to stop it use of the Hhe creates a new timeline which can be changed to avoid the future the Exordium describes. The story begins with prefect Tom Dreyfus investigating reynols polling violations, because this 10, orbital society is linked mainly by a network of polling stations that allows all the citizens to make decisions for the otherwise alxstair societies.

The Prefects uphold the law of the glitter band, but do not have any real powers on each habitat, so it is an interesting blend of power with out power unless the rules of the glitter band are at stake. What this means is that no two habitats are alike.

The story opens after a habitat and nearly inhabitants has been blown up, apparently in a dispute over the purchase of an artwork. Dreyfuss, Tom Dreyfuss – licensed to euthanize, which includes the inflicting of permanent and irreversible death.

There is very little down time in this story. A very retnolds book! So hooray for [Author]! There are probably 5 solid characters in this that you really start to get to know and feel for. Whilst other earlier books, written with a wealth of ideas on rpefect broad canvas, failed to totally impress me with their characterisations, this story is focused on half a dozen key characters and written around a widescreen canvas worthy of a Peter F.

Well worth the Audible credit.

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