one of the largest cable operators in the U.S., prepared to acquire the AirThread. Connections (ATC), a large regional cellular provider. Although this acquisition. By early , Zimmerman was considering the possibility of acquiring AirThread Connections, one of the largest wireless companies in the United States. This case can be used as a capstone valuation exercise for first-year MBA students in an introductory finance course. A senior associate in the business.

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Operating markets are markets for which the company provides service. The basic premise of the AirThread acquisition was threefold. Download the case Educators can login to view a free educator preview copy of this case. In addition, students analyze the effects of non-operating assets on valuation.

Valuation of AirThread Connections

Juliane Begenau and Erik Stafford. The reasons above make us believe that the synergy is positive and the acquisition is a good idea. Log In Sign Up. We conduct the sensitivity analysis to find the effect on the value of AirThread by changing two inputs. Consequently, the cash flows were not included in her projections. The increased size would not only help insure that ACC would remain a viable industry player but would also help improve profitability through better network utilization.

Tax ID No Finance questions Finance questions Mercury Athletic. Finally, she decided tC that the nonoperating assets and liabilities should be valued separately so that the attention remained squarely on the ongoing operations.

What methodology should be used to value AirThread, given the characteristics of the expected cash flows after the merger?

Keep up to date with email updates Pricing Shipping options Terms of business What’s available from us? In turn, these forces had been driving large investments in network infrastructure that require commensurate increases in the customer base to effectively utilize the new capacity.


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In addition, the clnnections was on the wall in terms of service offering convergence. Table 2 Return on Net Operating Assets 3. During that meeting, Elliot Bianco pitched the idea of op American Cable buying out AirThread Connections, a large regional cellular provider. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The decline in the service revenue growth rate reflected continued deterioration in the revenue per minute of airtime as well as the continued maturation of cellular telephony.

Hold-to-maturity accounting of portfolio net asset value eliminates the majority of measured risk. Zhang believed that the combined company would be able to attract business customers now that wireless, wire line, and internet service could be offered by the same provider.

Moreover, she also knew the cost savings would be gradual.

Valuation of AirThread Connections Essay

The Case Centre is dedicated to advancing the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe. In contemplating this issue Jennifer believed that it may be necessary to follow the customary practice of employing a private company discount. First, American Cable Communication ACC aitrhread AirThread could help each other compete in the industry that was moving more and more bundled service offerings.

Remember that different valuation models are not mutually exclusive, you can use different model for different forecasting periods. This discount is primarily related to the illiquidity of private investments, but also considers certain types of agency costs as well as the financial health and size of the firm. As a result, she decided to segregate the potential synergies into various categories.

Second, the acquisition could help both companies expand into the business market. Heilprin, Illinois Institute airtread Technology Finance Professor and Managing Director of 59th Street Connecttions prepared this case solely as a basis for class discussion and not as an endorsement, a source of primary airtnread, or an illustration of effective or ineffective management.


For example, Accounts Receivable Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Students learn the basic valuation concepts including DCF discounted cash flow using APV adjusted present value and WACC weighted average cost of capital and they must choose the appropriate approach for situations in conndctions the capital structure is changing or assumed to be constant.

Heilprin Teaching note for case This case, though based on real events, is fictionalized, and airthrear resemblance to actual persons or entities is coincidental.

Valuation of AirThread Connections | Zakir Pashayev –

There are occasional references to actual companies in the narration. Rev is based on equipment revenue. This presented two problems. To order copies or request permission to reproduce materials, callwrite Harvard Business Publishing, Boston, MAor go to http: The authors Erik Stafford and Joel L. We show that the high excess returns to hedge funds and put-writing are consistent with an equilibrium in which a small subset of investors specialize in bearing downside market risks.

The smaller companies would eventually be weeded out through industry consolidation.

Juliane Begenau and Erik Stafford We decompose bank activities into passive and active components and evaluate the performance of the active components of the bank business model by controlling for passive maturity transformation strategies that connecgions be executed in the capital market.

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