The Remarkable Account of Ibn Fadlan . But the most important eyewitness account of the Rus is of Ahmed ibn Fadlan, a writer about whom little is known, but. Ibn Fadlan: An Arab Among the Vikings of RussiaOverviewIn , the Arab traveler Ahmad ibn Fadlan (fl. s) went on a diplomatic mission to what is now . Ahmad Ibn-Fadlan says: When а letter of al-Hasan son of Baltavar, the malik of Kipchaks, arrived to the ruler of the righteous al-Muktadir, in which he asked him .

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Scandinavia and Ibn Fadlan | Muslim Heritage

They clothed him in wide trousers, gaitersboth sapogs, a jacket, and a parcha caftan with golden buttons, and placed on his head a parcha cap kalansuva with sable. If he ibh trouble selling and he has to remain late, he again comes with a gift in second and third time and if appears difficult he brings an offering to every one of those small images and asks its intercession, saying, “These are the wives, daughters and sons of our Lord.

Outside of publication Embassy departure.

Then he ahhmad his Islam. One of bin Rusiyyah stood beside me and I heard him speaking to my interpreter. And if that person wants to leave, and he needs any of his Turk camels, or his horses, or he needs money, he leaves what had remained with his Turk friend, and takes of his camels, horses and property what is necessary for him and leaves, and when he comes back from that direction where he went, he compensates to him the money and returns to him of his camels and horses.

Amazing window into a rarely illuminated period of Eurasian history. But the Volga Bulgars, though they provided much of the purpose behind Ibn Fadlan’s mission, do not occupy the most memorable passages in Ibn Fadlan’s narrative.


They gather in the one house in their tens and twenties, sometimes more, sometimes less. All Turks pluck out their beards, except for moustaches. Thorir Jonsson Hraundal Photo: Probably, this acquaintance also induced him to draw the catalogue of the Meshkhed library.

The wood caught fire, and then the ship, the pavilion, the man, the slave-girl and all it contained.

Ahmad ibn Fadlan | Riordan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Under these circumstances they take his horses and kill them and stretch them on his tomb. Translated by Glenn Ostling. The malik moved from the water called Haldja i. She placed her feet on the hands of the men and was raised above that door-frame. For example, he drinks mead, which made from honey, is acceptable for a Muslim to drink Islam only bans drink made from grapes or grain. And he has sixty concubine girls for his bed, and only such who are noted for fad,an beauty.

The interpreter told me that she bids her female companions farewell. But only the great Allah had mercy to them about the firewood, he made it cheap for them: Yakut directly states that Ibn-Fadlan was himself an ambassador. They inhabitants have to set up on the doors of his yurt a banner, they bring his weapons and lay them around his tomb and do not stop crying for two farlan.

Ibn Fadlan: An Arab Among the Vikings of Russia

She continues carrying it from a man to the next man until everyone in the house blows his nose, and spits, and washes his face and hair in the bowl. So, when he malik of Bulgar sent to them that message, they were afraid of his intentions and went all as a whole together with him malik Askal to the river Djavashir.

If he has killed a man and was brave, they cut out images from a tree in the number of those whom he killed, and place them on his tomb and say: As the night was not so dark, a man could recognise another man from a distance of an arrow throw. Drawn by myths of a rich city of gleaming gold—no doubt Constantinople—they founded a great city of their own, Novgorod.


Princeton University Press, And it remained in such condition for three months. I did not have time to rouse that day as a crowd of merchants already arrived to me and said: As a growing number of scholars have observed, there seemed to be a political agreement between the Bulghar king and the Abbasid caliph.

The archaeologists have thus concentrated on artefacts from Byzantium, in present-day Turkey, and from Slavic areas such as Hungary.

The Travels of Ibn Fadlan

The dead man’s belongings were divided into three parts, one part for the wife and daughters of the deceased, one part to buy clothing for the corpse, and one part to pay for the vast amounts of alcohol that would be consumed by the men taking fadlam in the day-long funeral.

And when arrives fadlwn ship from the Khazar land to the Kipchak country, the malik rides out and accounts what is there, and takes from everything a tenth part. Jonsson Hraundal hopes his doctoral thesis can help open up more studies of what the Vikings did in the East. Though by Ibn Fadlan’s time the influence of the caliphs—imperial leaders who possessed religious as well as political authority—had declined somewhat, the Abbasid dynasty still remained the single most powerful force agmad of the Byzantine Empire and west of China.