Afterlife is a fantasy novel by Claudia Gray released on March 3, It is the fourth part of the Evernight series, concluding the ongoing. Soon, Bianca and Lucas have orchestrated Balthazar’s escape and are on the run, pursued not only by Black Cross, but by the powerful leaders of Evernight. Afterlife (Evernight, book 4) by Claudia Gray – book cover, description, publication history.

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View all 5 comments. View all 9 comments. Bethany as long as she helps him find Charity.

I’ll be a liar if I said I didn’t enjoyed the whole series, most of the parts were well executed and I’m really going to miss the rvernight gang namely; Vic, Ranulf, Patrice, Balthazar, Maxie, Bianca and Lucas.

Wanting to become human just to die? I liked her as well. She is one of the few people who accepts Lucas when he becomes a vampire.

The only good point of this book is Balthazar. Out of some miraculous divine intervention, Raquel feels bad about betraying Bianca and Dana decided to abandon her life and everything she believes in for Lucas.

Bianca cannot escape from the room so possesses Skye who allows her to. Can their love survive their deaths or will they end up destroying one another? After his return, Mrs.

In the classroom while he was taunting Lucas After they have been officially dating for weeks, Bianca mentions that one of Lucas’s ancestors went to Evernight, but no humans have ever been accepted to the school before, except a Black Cross member a group of elite vampire hunters. Maxine is the wraith who lives in Vic’s attic. Resumiendo, no se la recomiendo a nadie. I still fill like what was so wonderful about the first 2 is missing. More more push than pull, actually, and the “push” factors didn’t really seem to be all that insurmountable.

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Lucas rises from the dead and assisted by Efernight and Ranulf. Th1rteen R3asons Why Jay Asher.

Other characters to appear in all four books include Kate Ross Lucas’s mother and a member of Black Cross; Dana who is Lucas’s best friend and a member of Black Cross who later leaves; and Celia and Adrian Olivier, Bianca’s parents who had her with the help zfterlife the wraiths and gave her a sheltered life. It is followed by the third book in the series, Hourglass.

Where is that sweet rocking girl who went to the prom? Log in now or Create an account. Afterlife is a fantasy novel by Claudia Gray released on March 3, It was not bad, it just needed to be more developed and explained. And Bianca turns into, more or less, his psychiatrist.

Evernight Series | Claudia Gray

Gray managed to move this story along so quickly with enough turns for minor whiplash, and it works. I am sure with the closure of Evernight these Characters will afterpife just go into retirement. He is a human student at Evernight Academy and is allowed entry because his house is haunted by a wraith called Maxine.

Bianca then meets and falls in love with a human named Lucas Ross, who also feels isn’t the “Evernight” type, but their love becomes forbidden by their families and friends when the truth of each other’s nature comes to wfterlife.

Evernight Series

He is very protective of Bianca and fights with Lucas when he realizes he is part of Black Cross even trying to kill him. The previous books amazed me and I enjoyed them so much that I actually feel angry that this is how Gray decided to end the series. Bianca is adjusting to her new existence and her new wraith superpowers everbight make her the hope and envy of all the wraiths. I love both of their characters and their interaction with each other is just very well done.


Afterlife (Evernight #4) by Claudia Gray Book Reviews

The Key to Everything. Lucas is jealous of Balthazar during Stargazer, when Balthazar and Bianca are at Evernight and have to pretend to date in order to get off campus and Lucas rarely gets to see her, saying that he’s upset another guy gets to spend more time with her. I finished it today.

Oct 19, Brob rated it it evernivht amazing. Claudia Gray once again gave her Characters some quick witted one-liners in this book. As with every installment, I eagerly anticipated each book to ease the cliffy pain Claudia Gray is so great at planting. Ranulf does not understand modern technology and speaks in a very old fashioned manner. She falls in love with Lucas although it is revealed he is a member of the ancient vampire hunting group Black Cross. Evernight is a fiction afterlifr adult afterlive by Claudia Gray.

I literally hated evwrnight. Reception for the series have been mostly positive. My other major complaint with Afterlife is writing structure. Throughout the story Bianca and Lucas try to discover why the traps have been set and why.

Vic – Not sure, he was left standing with Maxie. Read on for more about Merrie and her book, an excerpt, plus an giveaway! For me, b After I finished the previous book I was let down. First, because it’s fun to whine, here aftrrlife the things I didn’t like: He and Britnee both discovered the exist of vampire and witness that when Charity makes the kill.