AFMAN 91-201 PDF

AFMAN 91-201 PDF

The provisions of this Manual apply: Whenever any explosives, propellant, or similar Hazard Class 1 energetic materials or other ammunition items in Classes 2. References for ammunition and explosive licenses. AFMAN , Explosives. Safety Standards. AR , Physical Security of. Ammunition and Explosives. NOTE: IAW DA PAM , Army Explosives. Safety Standards and AFMAN , Air Force. Explosives Standards annual review of the EFL.

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Your email address will be kept confidential. BASH is covered under this document. Air Force Safety Center for. When operating support equipment not including vehicles powered by internal combustion engines in AE locations is the equipment located at least 91-01 feet from AE?

Is the supervisor knowledgeable of all hazards involved in the operation, convey emergency procedures to workers and visitor? Dogs as a Afamn Tool. Are written firearms clearing procedures posted aman each clearing barrel for each type of government firearm stored in the arms room? Are utilities buried underground for a minimum of 50 feet before entering the structure? Market Analysis and Market Information Our newest addition to the library is an on-going series of articles on the aircraft and aerospace market.


AFIPara 2.

Are explosives loaded vehicles chocked during loading and unloading? AFIPara 1. We have now brought them into the technical library.

Can’t find the right checklist? AFIPara 9. Explosives safety standards – Chapter 4, Section 4F, Paragraph 4. No smoking within 50 feet of the firing line. Headquarters Air Force Civil. Is a grounded, covered self-closing container for munitions residue available? Holster, clear, or secure all weapons when they are not in use.

AF Manual 91-201, Explosives Safety Standards

Are locally written procedures developed for all explosives operations not covered by Technical Orders or other safety briefings? Is a 91-210 to use inspection conducted on motor vehicles used to transport explosives? Carla Gleason of the Air Force, said: Is the barricade equivalent of two sandbags thick and at least 6 feet high?

Each year hundreds of explosive safety site plans are manually developed and.

Keep the muzzle of the weapon under control at all times. Are written instruction available at the worksite for all explosives operations?


Does the commander actively implement and use risk management principles at all levels within the unit? Are training items inert and live AE or munitions components physically separated from live explosives they represent? Is the destruction point at least feet from all above-ground facilities including public highways, base boundaries, runways, taxiways, parking aprons and any PES? Is the EOD training range limited to a maximum of 5 pounds of demolition explosives?


Are procedures in place to ensure the fire department is notified when explosive hazards change? Are ranges inspected for safety deficiencies before firing each day?

Is at least one fire extinguisher available for each item of powered material handling equipment used to handle AE? Send us your form.

The objective of this document is to achieve the best control methods as a blanket method. Prepared or revised safety instructions and guides.

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Are explosives loaded vehicles and material handling equipment MHE chocked when parked and driver is not behind the wheel? Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board The supervisor must know what steps to take when an abnormal condition arises. Do not handle weapons while personnel are down range.