Acalypha L. Species. Acalypha alopecuroides Jacq. = Acalypha alopecuroidea var. glandulifera Klotzsch. = Acalypha alopecuroides f. polycephala . Acalypha alopecuroides is a species of plants with 0 observations. You are here: Home / Plant Details. Acalypha alopecuroides Jacq. Family: Euphorbiaceae. Synonyms: PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES. Growth Habit(s): herb.

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We identify 17 synonyms based on Ecuadorian collections, including the new one Acalypha pilocardia Gilli.

Acalypha alopecuroides Jacq.

Of the 34 species recognized by Webster for this territory, nine are considered as synonyms and alopecuroided are based on misidentifications Table 1.

Despite its great diversity, Acalypha is one of the lesser known genera of the Euphorbiaceae.

Acalypha stellata and Acalypha websteriiand two others are allochtonous: Coastal, Andean and Amazonian. The Coastal region is defined as below meters elevation, from west of the Andes to the coast, while the Amazonian region is aloprcuroides in the same altitudinal range to the east of the Andes. The synonym Acalypha villosa var. Poeppigwhich was distributed to several herbaria. Eggersdistributed to many herbaria.

B[destroyed, photo ], C! Catalogue to the species of Acalypha of continental Ecuador Petioles more than 1 cm long Plant resources on a Neotropical Island.


Ecuadorian provinces where the species are recorded are cited in accordance with the studied collections, following the Ecuadorian provinces after the reorganization i.

We indicate the total number of collections reviewed per taxa and one representative specimen voucherindicating the herbaria acronym where it is deposited. The voucher cited P. B[destroyed, photo ], BM, C! B[destroyed, photo ], F! Acalypha stellata Cardiel, Novon 10 4: The synonym Acalypha schimpffii Diels was described based on two collections: Female inflorescences axillary, bracts with triangular lobes cut ca.

Acalypha padifolia Kunth in Humb. Cardiel, Ulloa Acalypna and Neill Then, we summarize information about habit, habitat and altitudinal range in meters intervals; this information was obtained exclusively from the studied specimens.

A critical review of the Ecuadorian species of Acalypha L.

EPPO Global Database

LevinCardielSagun et al. Seeman 22 holotype, G-DC! Eggers ; due to destruction of the Berlin specimen, we select as lectotype the duplicate found in the K herbarium.

Missouri Botanical Garden Press. AcalyphaEcuador, Euphorbiaceae, lectotypification, species identification. Annual herb or small suffrutex. Acalypha infesta 4a Young branches and leaves without glandular hairs; leaf blade acute; styles branched 2.


Acalypha alopecuroides – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Zuloaga O, Morrone O. Hokche O et al. Acslypha dictyoneura 8a Female or bisexual inflorescences terminal 9 8b Female or bisexual inflorescences axillary 12 9a Female bracts without glandular hairs Eggersfrom the K herbarium.

Botanical Garden Press, 5: Acalypha websteri 10b Female bracts suborbicular at maturity, with the central tooth not or slightly prominent 11 11a Leaf blade generally broadly ovate-lanceolate; accrescent bracts with glandular hairs ca. We select one of the two specimens of the collection E. LevinCardiel The voucher cited Madsen corresponds to Acalypha subcastrata Aresch. The synonym Acalypha eggersii Pax was described from a single collection F. A global directory of public herbaria and associated staff.

Acalypha benensis is a synonym of Acalypha stricta Poepp.

Acalypha poiretii has bisexual inflorescences, the calyx of female flowers with four sepals and female bracts with smaller teeth. Poeppig B[destroyed, photo ], F! Palacios corresponds to Acalypha stachyura Aolpecuroides. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Cardiel, Madsen et al.