A2Billing invoicing could work in exactly the same way, using the same idea – a post-paid customer has an overdraft limit, while a pre-paid. How A2Billing Invoices and the Customers Balance screen, the balance column and how refills work. asterisk 2 billing platform. Contribute to xrg/a2billing development by creating an account on GitHub.

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module for Invoiceing a2billing. just to get the invoice from a2billing

Page 1 of 2. Record cycle is started. If this is what Joe’s post suggest, it sounds good to me. In terms of maintenance – option one would require two processes – 1.

One can still pay on that invoice a different amount where it should only mark the invoice is paid. Receipt is just a complementary of information for the customer.

Remove complexity of paying money against invoices. The prepaid customer is going to see what he used and paid for. Sun Jan 24, 7: What a learning curve! Especially if he is to close someone’s account, and have it settled in full.

Hi Thank you for your attention and your reply.

For instance, when a DID billing or recurring service is performed, credit from the customer’s balance will be deduced and a receipt will be created to keep a trace, not an invoice cause no payment is related to it.

In the “close invoice” issue: One disadvantage is that different ivnoice of service attract different levels of VAT, this will not be easy to include in the current version of A2Billing, as it is an accounts based invoicee, but I am sure there are work arounds which can carry is through to the next version of A2Billing, where we can write this requirement in from the ground up. In the past, the money situation of the A2billing system was false, mainly because it was calculate as an equality between the payments and refills.


The key to this is that a2billling that changes the customer’s balance must be written to the customer’s preview invoice, or the system falls down, and you do not have an audit trail.

So the flow would be: In my opinion, Option 1 is suitable for selling phones, or consultancy, e. Every 30 days for example. System Requirements A2billing v2. One can assume that if the customer pay the balance on the invoice they have agreed with the charges on it. Also, could you clarify how automated things will be in this flow? In respect of the customer being able to close their own invoice, and given the number of objections to that feature in this thread, I do not think that is necessary now, and and may cause support issues, particularly if they keep pressing the button, they will end up with dozens of invoices.

A record of the time and date that the new preview invoice is created is kept, so that only items after this date and time are recorded on the new invoice. Mon Feb 15, a2billihg The ability for a invoice to be closed by a billing cycle or the customer is simple and should invoics.


In the payment screen, enter how much they paid etc and DONT create a refill. Moreover adding search facility by lastname, invoice date, invoice no, account no etc on invoices page would definitely make invoicing even better.

Lets start with a simple example: This time you have presented “the right concept” of telecom invoicing. More after further digestion. I have recently this year decided to take the plunge and learn about Asterisk and then a billing system. A receipt summarize what the customer had already paid since the last billing a2billinng eg.

A2Billing – PostPay, Invoices and Customers Balances

The main rule to keep in mind is: Before spending the time to do an assessment of hours and cost on this, we really need more affirmation that this is the inboice way forward. We could do with more input as to whether this is the right or wrong approach, and whether anyone can see any flaws in the system, and finally, whether the system is easily understood.

The information giving for both prepaid and post paid should be the same. However, I really do not want customers closing invoices.

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