A text book of refrigerarion and air-conditioning by R S Khurmi. Refrigeration and airconditionin by rs khurmi. Onkar Nath. Engineering. Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning has ratings and 8 reviews. For the students of B.E.;UPSC(Engg. Services); UPSC (Civil Services); Secti. I found a Substitute for A Textbook of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning by R. S. Khurmi. This Substitute has all the Similar Topics Covered. Please get it from.

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The sensible cooling can be done only upto the dew point temperature U Jp as shown in Fig. R x Theoretical C. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Ttoo stage compression with water intercooler, liquid subcooler and liquid flash chamber, 4. According to the arrangement of equipment a Unitary condditioning conditioning system, and 5 Central air conditioning system.

Energy or work required to flow the working substance. Simple Saturation Cycle with Accumulator or Precoaler.

Textbook of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning : R. S. Khurmi :

May 29, Teja rated it did not like it. The process represents isentropic ramming of air and the process 1—2′ represents actual ramming of air because of internal friction due to irreversibilities. The change in internal energy is equal to the work done.

The system is provided with individual expansion valves and flash intercoolers, as shown in Fig. The isentropic compression of air in the main compressor is represented by the line 2 f – 3.

During the heating process, the vapour refrigerant is driven off by the solution and enters into the condenser where it is liquified- The liquid refrigerant then flows into the evaporator khurmk thus the cycle is completed. The essential components of a sttjam ejector are shown in Fig, 15,2.

This happens, because of the lack of clear understanding of the difference between mass and weight. Determine compressor and turbine work per TR ; C. The water, alcohol and ammonia have different refrigerating effects at different altitudes. The substance which works cknditioning a heal pump to extract heal from a cold body and to deliver it to a hot body is called a refrigerant.


We know that during isentropic compression, no heat is absorbed or rejected by the air. The line S’- 6 represents the refrigeration process. This scale is mostly used by engineers and scientists. The isentropic efficiencies of turbine and compressor are 0.

Full text of “A Textbook Of Refrigeration And Air Conditioning By R. S. Khurmi And J. K Gupta”

Want to Read saving…. Dry bulb temperature lines.

R of the system when compression and expansion are r isentropic ; and iT follow the law pv — constant, lAns. The effectiveness of both oof heat exchangers is 0. The tubes are usually provided with plate type fins to increase the surface area for heat transfer, as shown in Fig.

Condition of air after the coil refrigreation before the recirculated air mures with it The condition of air after the coil and before the recirculated air mixes with it, is shown by point 2 on the psychrometric chart, as shown in Fig. The various processes are as follows: Mathematically, Work done – F x x www.

Following two types of intercooling are important from the subject point of view: The refrigerant R is costlier than refrigerant R Be erfrigeration first to ask a question about Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning. The evaporator provides an additional cooling effect through evaporation of a refrigerant such as water.

Textbook of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The ram air pressure and temperature are 1. M The energy can neither be created nor destroyed though it can be transformed from one form to anotherAccording to this conditionint, w hen a system undergoes a change of state or a thermodynamic processthen both heal transfer and work transfer takes place. It is usually represented by U. The moisture content lines arc drawn w r ith a difference of every 1 g or 0. The mass of a body is measured by direct comparison with a standard mass by using a lever balance.


The various values as read from p-h diagram for R are as follows: The basic elements of an air cycle refrigeration system are the compressor, the cooler or heat exchanger, the expander and the refrigerator Before discussing the air refrigeration cycles, we should first know about the unit of refrigeration, coefficient of performance of a refrigerator reffrigeration the difference between the hear engine, a refrigerator rrfrigeration a heat pump.

The miniaturization of electronic equipment concentrates a heavy cooling load in a small area. Introduction m 17 When the system changes from its initial gextbook l to final state 2, the quantity of heal transfer will depend upon the intermediate stages through which the system passes, i.

Textbook of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (M.E.)

This is due to the reason that the isentropic processes of the cycle require high speed white the isothermal processes require an extremely low speed. Assuming isentropic ramming and mass of cooled air passing through the heat exchanger equal to the mass of cooling air, find: The temperature at which the volume of a gas becomes zero is called absolute zero temperature. Ankit Kumar rated it it was ok Oct 04, At point I, let v l T i be the pres sure, volume and temperature of air respectively.

The heat and work are boundary phenomena. Hit huih temperature lines.