Amillennialism, dispensational premillennialism, historic premillennialism, postmillennialism, preterism. These are difficult words to pronounce and even harder. In a clear and accessible manner, Kim Riddlebarger presents and defends amillennialism—the belief that the millennium is a present reality. A Case for Amillennialism has ratings and 71 reviews. Brent said: An excellent and timely book, as the second edition/printing was just released last.

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Satan is bound even as we are to bind the Strong Man, as Christ made a spectacle of all the powers, crushing them under foot as the Gospel now goes forth. The persecution of the church came AFTER the creation or revelation of the church and after the beginning of the millennium according to the amillennialist chronology. A Reply to John MacArthur.

This book demonstrates that assertion to be completely off-base.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times

He admits that the most natural interpretation of the “first resurrection” is the new birth; however, he still tries to make this mesh amillennialsim an amillennial reign that is restrict Riddlebarger’s strongest argument for amillennialism is redemptive-historical.

One of the greatest theological insights embodied amillenniallism the triune God, the biblical institution of marriage, and the local church is the worship-inspiring and transformational Sermons on the Book of Daniel. His arguments are very, very good and very convincing.

He admits that the most natural interpretation of the “first resurrection” is the new birth; however, he still tries to make this mesh with an amillennial reign that is restricted to the intermediate state Like the author, I was raised a dispensational premillennialist.

Emphasizing the continuity of the covenants, and two-age model present age and age to comethe kingdom amillennixlism God which is a present reality inaugurated and will be fully made manifest in the age to come consummatedwe learn that Christ is reigning now with the elect saints from heaven. Excellent read to understand the Amillennial perspective. This Generation will certainly not pass away until all these things take place.


Riddlebarger wants to be an optimistic amillennialist “as regards the kingdom”, yet still holds the New Testament anticipates “Christ’s direct intervention to a wicked and unbelieving world like in the days of Noah Matt.

On a positive note, I do feel that Kim Riddlebarger did a good job of dismantling Dispensational Premillennialism. When stripped to the absolute bare smillennialism of expected events before Jesus’ return, I didn’t see much difference between amillennialism and post-tribulation dispensationalism.

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Sermons on Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians. Sermons on First Corinthians. I considered myself Amill before reading this book, but now I find myself to be very convinced. Jul 01, Amillennialisj rated it it was amazing.

A succinct and helpful introduction to what Riddlebarger argues is the ‘Historic Reformed Protestant’ understanding of the millennial reign of Christ in Revelation 20 Amillennialism.

Riddlebarger opens the book by providing an overview of the different key eschatological positions. Book reviews are published online and in print every quarter in Bibliotheca Sacra. There are many other Christians who hold different views regarding the end times, but honestly I amillsnnialism really took their case seriously.

For covering such a hotly debated area of theology, Riddlevarger is gracious and fair minded to opposing points of view. Darrell Bock discuss experiencing the Christmas story, focusing on the accounts in Matthew and Luke. Christianity and Contemporary Culture. Recommended Reading and Reformed Resources.

He’s a lucid and simple writer. This is just one example of the author trying to get to the root of this issue. Part 1 deals with defining terms and surveying different views.


A Case for Amillennialism, Expanded Edition | Baker Publishing Group

Nov 06, Eric Chappell rated it liked it. It may have been because I thought his organization was odd, material was repetitive and superficial, and he used endnotes.

The Mark of the Beast. Answers to Questions About Eschatology–Archives 3. He has written two books on the end times: Robert Godfrey, president and professor of church history, Westminster Theological Seminary in California.

Index to Current Posts. Or why the back and forth of Christ’s return with the rapture then amillenmialism return? I was always concerned that these other views I don’t often write reviews but I thought this book worthy of amillenialism few comments. Sermons on 2 Peter. Although I mostly listened to the book, and selectively read some portions, I kinda knew what I would be getting.

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Although accurately titled as a case for amillennialism, this book is also written as a case against premillennialism. Ask A Question About Eschatology. Agreed with most of the stuff he said except a few small things, like the interpretation of Zmillennialism Riddlebarger will help and encourage Christians both to understand amillennizlism real teaching of the Bible and to appropriate the blessing of this truth. This is probably the best, most concise explanation of things I probably will never understand i.

Sermons on the Book of Judges pdf. Links to Helpful Books, Essays, and Charts.